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Guide to buying property in Sri Lanka for foreigners and expats

What are the rules and regulations for buying property in Sri Lanka for foreigners and expats (non-citizens) ?

There is a 100% tax on any property purchased by non citizens, or a company incorporated in Sri Lanka with more than 25% of foreign participation in the equity. This is on top of the 3% legal tax (Please see the links below on Stamp Duty for full details). So, if a property is valued at $100,000, you will need to pay $203,000. This may be circumvented by arranging a 99 year lease, or in condominiums(apartment blocks), by buying above a certain story(floor).

Sale of land to foreigners has been prohibited from the 2013 budget. Instead the land can only be leased out. Any land leased to foreigners will still incur a 100% tax.
Update 13/05/13 - Foreigners can now buy land if their investment in the project is over $10 million. Alternatively they can lease the land (for up to 99 years) and pay a tax of around 5-10%.

Foreigners will be exempted from the tax under the following circumstances:

  • Investment in a project is over US$10 million
  • A joint venture company incorporated in Sri Lanka (with foreign participation) is not liable to pay the tax
  • Condominium units of residential or non-residential accommodation on or above the 4th floor of a registered condominium apartment constructed with the approval of the UDA
  • Land for the development of large housing schemes, hospitals and hotels with a minimum investment of $10 million
  • Exporting companies with a minimum investment of $1 million
  • Large infrastructure projects with a minimum investment of $50 million

17/02/13 - Sri Lankan expats holding foreign citizenship can now buy land in Sri Lanka. More>

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