1 /pics/306058/thumb_424_306058_1566456432_8848.jpg Apartment
 Pita Kotte 

  • 3  Apartment

    Rs. 19.25M

Ru Residencies Kotte 03 Bedroom Apartments

Colambathanthri Mawatha Pita K..

    Ru Residencis Kotte is conveniently located just off Kotte Rajagiriya Road on Colambathanthri Mawatha in Close...  more »

    Newly built  Luxury Specs 
3 /pics/242676/thumb_424_242676_1581579364_4771.jpg Apartment

  • 3  Apartment

    Rs. 32.23M

Araliya Terrace Nugegoda

Pagoda Road Nugegoda

    Apartments Completed and Ready to Move InAraliya Terrace off Pagoda Road Nugegoda is a private and exclusive r...  more »

    Newly built  Luxury Specs 
17 /pics/337798/thumb_424_337798_1584091351_3569.jpg Apartment

  • 3  Apartment

    Rs. 23.9M upwards

Bricksgate Apartments Wattala

No22 Hunupitiya Railway Statio..

    Bricksgate Apartments WattalaThe most awaited opportunity to live and invest in the fastest growing city in S...  more »

    Newly built  Swimming pool
20 /pics/338118/thumb_424_338118_1584334969_1537.jpeg Apartment

  • 3  Apartment

    Rs. 28.9M upwards

Luxury 3 Bedroom Apartments in Nawala

19 Walawwatta Place 2nd Lane G..

    The Heathville is a private luxury apartment complex located in the affluent neighbourhood of Galpotta in Nawa...  more »

    Newly built  Luxury Specs 
23 /pics/336532/thumb_424_336532_1583476908_4032.jpg House

  • 4  House

    Rs. 45M ONO

House for sale

9th Lane Rajagiriya

    Well designed solid two storied house on 97 perch land in a residential area at Nawala Rajagiriya for sale Lo...  more »

Properties For Sale in Colombo

What makes Colombo so unique, apart from its beautiful skyline, is the thousands of properties that are scattered throughout its landscape. The city has a long history that goes for more than 500 years back to the time of the European colonial era with best house designs in the town. As such, Colombo is gifted with a wide variety of old and new buildings that are considered as some of the most valuable real estate in the country. Today, plenty of modern properties for sale in Colombo are available in leading neighbourhoods such as Kollupitiya and Bambalapitiya. For example, a brand new house for sale in Colombo, a 2 storey house with 2 bed rooms and plenty of floor area, can easily be bought from this city. Nevertheless, Colombo's property market has been on the rise since the end of the three-decade-long civil war. 

However, its growth has also been boosted due to citywide development programs that were carried out by the government, largely thanks to Foreign Direct Investments from countries such as China, India and Taiwan. New commercial properties in Colombo for sale are as modern as they can get, and provides real value for the money for every rupee you pay. Buying a multi storied house, a 2 bedrooms 3 bathrooms houses for sale in Colombo or going a step ahead and buying apartments for sale in Colombo, is considered a smart investment by most financial experts in the country. In fact, a typical architect designed luxury house or a spacious multi-family house offers extensive modern amenities that are typically seen only in popular three-star hotels. 

Not only that, the lands for sale in Colombo also offers noteworthy real estate investment opportunities and these properties are mostly found close to the outskirts of the city. Whatever the type of property you may invest, which might be a house in a convenient location in a highly residential area, a land, an apartment or a commercial asset, remember to do your best to go through an experienced real estate broker or a reputed online real estate platform. Such brokers or online real estate platforms should offer the level of security you would need for a high-value investment. They not only assist you with the buying or sale of a property but they can also offer legal advice as well as market data that can play a crucial role in making your property transaction a success.