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The ROI calculator designed by LankaPropertyWeb facilitates users to calculate their return on a property by filtering it based on its location, purchase, price and more. The results of the calculator generate the return for the holding period, the real return adjusted to inflation and the annual return.

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Real Estate Investment in Sri Lanka

Out of all the things a person could choose to invest in, property is one of the safest and high return investments in Sri Lanka. When compared to non-real estate investments such as Fixed Deposits, property is the only asset where the value increases with time and is available limitedly. With development taking place and more financial investments being made in a country, the value of its property market also grows in return. This generates a higher worth for every property in that nation. But to get more returns from a real estate investment in Sri Lanka, you should know which ones to invest in and how you should select these properties even if they are located in Colombo 1 to 15.

Most properties and their worth aren’t the same. The area, infrastructure, amenities, etc. largely affects this. The potential for development in that area also influences the value of its property like land for sale in Gampola or land for sale in Galle that are ideal if you’re targeting the tourists. That is why when you forecast a favourable return for a property in a particular area, invest in it before the prices rise. This way, once the value picks up, your return would be twice or thrice the times of the initial price when calculated using a real estate ROI calculator. Make sure that you consider the property’s location even if it’s an apartment, the surrounding area and facilities, your expected rate of return and future potentials.

Real estate investment is the best, but your return will only be high if you invest smartly. In Sri Lanka to earn high returns you can invest in apartments, houses and lands in some of the most developed and developing cities like Colombo, Gampaha, Kandy etc. Collect information related to the best investments in Sri Lanka that may be available on websites and other platforms. Calculate your potential monthly instalment payment from a housing loan calculator in Sri Lanka as well, if you’re investing through a housing loan in Sri Lanka.

As a non-local of a country, investing in property might seem impossible. But the reality is far from that. There are special rules and laws that need to be followed by non-locals when investing in a country. However, that doesn’t mean it is completely impossible. When investing in Sri Lanka, foreigners aren’t allowed to purchase property under their own name. But they can do so through a company registered in the country. There are other exceptions as well, depending on the property type. So selecting real estate as one of the best ways to invest money in Sri Lanka as a foreigner is a smart move.

For Sri Lankans, the government has facilitated methods to encourage real estate investment through REIT with special tax exemptions and duty deductions. Sri Lankan expats are also given the opportunity to invest money in Sri Lanka by purchasing luxury condominiums through loans or foreign currency earnings. So whether or not you are a local, before investing in real estate make sure you get professional advice on more of these factors besides considering just your return.