Land with house
    • Padukka
    • 10
    • 7.37 acres 
    • Land with house

      Rs. 450M

    House & Land For Sale

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    House with Land in Sri Lanka

    Building a house in today’s world includes many costs that have to be accounted for. From purchasing the land to drawing the plans and getting approvals from the local bodies, this process also takes up a lot of time. Because of this reason, sometimes people give up completely on the whole idea of owning a house and stick to purchasing apartments. Because unlike houses, an apartment offers many luxuries and facilities that otherwise are impossible to include into your housing plan or are difficult to find. Still, a house, no matter how small, is a beauty of its own. 

    Property is one of the worthiest assets a person could invest in today. It comes in the form of a land, an apartment, a house or a house with land for sale. For those looking to own a home of their own but not willing to spend time and money on the process of building it, purchasing one that is already built is ideal. It helps you save the trouble of finding builders, designers and other experts and lets you live in the home of your dreams without any hassle. However, since this property is not just the house but its land as well that you get the ownership of, sometimes this option may be costlier. You might not also find the perfect home that suits your needs either. Because of this, the effort you have to put is even more.

    When looking for homes with land for sale, like always, you need to take the location, space, neighborhood and convenience factors into consideration. They determine how comfortable your life at the new place will be and how easily you can get about your daily life. While the cost may be higher than building one from scratch, make sure that you invest in the right one. Look at all the options available and do your own research before selecting one. Because after all, it is going to be your home and unlike a rental house, moving out after purchasing isn't easy.