Altitude (96 Iconic Tower) new real estate development in Sri Lanka

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  Altitude (96 Iconic Tower)

Altitude (96 Iconic Tower)
Location:  Rajagiriya (Colombo 8)
Property Type:  Luxury Apartments
Developer:  Shreepati's Edifice (Pvt.) Ltd.
Number of units: 376 residential apartments, 92 penthouses, Shopping Mall, Cinema, Indoor Cricket grounds, Revolving
Number of floors: 96 Completion date: Delayed


It is dedicated to the Sri Lankan Cricketers that won the 1996 World Cup the buildings design is four cricket bat shaped structures with a cricket ball balanced between the handles of the bats.

Four levels of retail outlets totaling 8366 sq m exists and is connected by 18 escalators. Levels 4 and 5 host the multiplex cinema with capacity for 1,420 viewers. The two entertainment decks within the 96 Iconic Tower are in levels 14 and 66 which include a library, indoor gaming centre, business centre, jogging track, childrens play area, outdoor play area, lounge and coffee shop, gym, spa, outdoor yoga area, and sky decks. Levels 15-49, 51-64 and 67-90 are dedicated to residential developments, and there are seven service floors in total.The revolving restaurant is on levels 94 and 95. The indoor cricket training academy is on the top story the level 96

Update: The project has been delayed and the developer is currently seeking an investor. According to their website, it states "The investor to the above project was a Hong Kong investor, who committed to invest in the project and the investment is delayed."

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