Span Tower new real estate development in Sri Lanka

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  Span Tower

Location:  6 buildings in Colombo and Dehiwala
Property Type:  Apartments
Developer:  Span Engineering
Number of units:
Number of floors: Completion date:


6 seperate apartment complexes in:

Span Tower 6 No 15 Atapattu Mawatha (Quarry Road) Dehiwela.

Span Tower No. 44/4, Dharmarama Road, Colombo 06
Consisted of 5 floors which housed 3 units each.

Span Tower No. 43, Peterson Lane, Colombo 06
6 story landmark with 31 units in all with improved facilities and luxurious life style.

Span tower-No. 28, Kinross Avenue, Colombo 04
48 apartments on 8 stories. This took shape at the beginning of 2007.

Span Tower- No. 8, Visaka road, Colombo 04.
Completed in 2007 is a 7 storey Super luxury complex with 18 master crafted apartments.

Span Tower No. 12, Milagiriya Avenue, Bambalapittiya, Colombo 4
Ongoing Project which under construction is a 6 storey luxury complex with 11 master crafted apartments.

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