6 Reasons Why Thalawathugoda Is the Hottest Suburb in Colombo

Is it possible to live close enough to Colombo but not have to deal with the city’s crowded spaces, its lack of public parks, and traffic? A place where one can start a family in the knowledge that the neighborhood is surrounded not just by lots of nature but affords the conveniences of a modern suburb?

Anecdotal evidence and hard data seem to point towards Thalawathugoda.

So what has made this previously sleepy town bordering the Diyawanna Lake the hottest suburb to live in? Here are 10 possible reasons.

1. Location, Locale, Loku Benefits 

Talawatugoda, Google Maps

Thalawathugoda offers close proximity to Colombo and the greater Western Province

Commuting to Colombo or travelling outstation from Thalawathugoda is among its biggest benefits. The suburb is accessible via Borella and Rajagiriya, but also from the Maharagama and Nawala  side, making it highly suitable for working professionals looking for a highly residential neighborhood. It also means the Kottawa interchange to the E1 Expressway is a stone’s throw away. Hypothetically, a resident could live in Thalawathugoda and work in Galle an hour away – such a commute would, we imagine, be a source of envy. 

2. The Grass is Always Greener in Thalawathugoda

Residents we spoke to talk glowingly of the area’s ample greenery. Trees line the neighborhoods while the walking paths that encircle the Diyawanna Lake, the areas’s centerpiece natural attraction, is a constant source of peace and serenity. Exercising, walking the dog, letting the kids ride their bikes around safely are all part of the immense fringe benefits of living in Thalawathugoda. Furthermore, there is a Bio Park, created and run by the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation Authority with the aim of fostering conservation efforts of fauna and flora, much of which is endemic to Sri Lanka.

3. The Hints of History

Being adjacent to Kotte means residents with an interest in ancient Sri Lankan history are in for a treat. Among the many places of historical interest that are within easy driving distance from homes in Thalawathugoda include the Archaeology Department Museum, Alakesvara Palace Compound, Baddagana Wherakada Ruins and the Kabok Tunnel. What better way to spend a lazy Sunday morning than taking the kids for a fun and educational walk in a historical site?

4. A Modern Town-in-the-Making

Despite its rich historical and environmental credentials, Thalawathugoda is not a semi-rural hamlet. Rather it is fast becoming a place to live a modern lifestyle aspired to by many Sri Lankans. All major banks, supermarkets, restaurants, gyms and retail outlets have set up branches or premium consumer experiential centers in the Thalawathugoda Town area. No longer do residents have to come into Colombo to enjoy a fine dining experience, shop or workout; Thalawathugoda offers all such amenities within its town center’s radius.

5. A Place to Start a Family

Census data show that a large number of residents living in Thalawathugoda are 20-39 age groups. This is the transitional time from being independent individuals to heads of young families. The reasons are many, some of which we alluded to above.

Thalawathugoda Population Distribution by Age

Thalawathugoda Population Distribution by Age

6. Attractive Property Prices

Despite its many attractive qualities, Thalawathugoda’s land prices remain incredibly attractive. Proprietary LankaPropertyWeb stats demonstrate why:

Thalawathugoda Per Perch Price Comparison

Thalawathugoda Per Perch Price Comparison

The area has seen it’s per perch price for lands increase by 48% since last year, recording the highest growth in land prices for a Colombo suburb.

Thalawathugoda shows a great variety of land prices than its neighboring towns, implying that there is a dream land waiting to be picked up – no matter what a resident’s economic background. For the potential land buyer, Thalawathugoda is an increasingly smart investment.

This remains so even in the case of buyers interested in apartments in Thalawathugoda. Here too, the suburb shines as demonstrated by data from our insights team:

Thalawathugoda 3BR Per Sq Feet Apartment Prices

Thalawathugoda 3BR Per Sq Feet Apartment Prices

For context, we’ve compared the per sq. Feet rates for Three-Bedroom Apartments in Colombo 2 (Slave Island) and 3 (Kollupitiya) to similar apartments in Thalawathugoda. As the data show, these apartments in Thalawathugoda offer the best bang-for-buck from a property investment standpoint. New developments, such as Grand Capital Residencies and Prime Nova, have brought in vertical and integrated living to Thalawathugoda.  


All this bodes well for investors evaluating Thalawathugoda for its investment potential.




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