Land Price Index 2023: Colombo City Land Prices Reverses Decline with a 9% Increase; Other Areas Remain Stagnant

According to the 2023 Land Price Index (LPI) developed by LankaPropertyWeb (LPW), Colombo city land prices have shown a 9% increase since the previous year, while the rest of Colombo district, along with Gampaha and Kalutara districts have shown marginal increase or decrease. Overall, Western province has shown a 2% increase in land prices from 2022, compared with a 10% increase seen last year.

The average price of lands in the Colombo district (except Colombo 1-15) has shown a price increase of 1%. However, the Gampaha district has shown a 2% decline, while the Kalutara district has a 1% decline compared to the average of 2021-2022. The annually released LPI shows a 70% growth in land prices for the last 6 years in Western Province, despite the cooling down of the growth seen last year. Colombo city lands seem to have bucked the trend with an increase this year, compared to the 2% decrease in 2022.

Sri Lanka Land price changes 2022-2023

There is a higher demand for land for sale in the Western Province that is below Rs. 500,000 per perch, which drove prices up by 2% while lands over Rs.9M recorded a 6% increase. Despite last year’s fluctuations, this shows that most price demographics are showing a constant increase in Q1 2023. Also, the overseas searches have increased by 8% in Q1 2023 compared to Q1 2022.

An analysis of the land price fluctuations in the three districts of the Western Province shows that land for sale in Kalubowila has seen an increase of 23% in price, making it the highest increase in the Colombo district. Yakkala has been recorded as the city with the maximum price increase for land for sale in Gampaha district, with a 40% increase in land prices. While Ingiriya was the city with the highest land price increase rate in the Kalutara district in 2022, this year it shows a 5% price drop in Q1 2023. Bandaragama has come to the top of this list within the Kalutara district, with a staggering increase of 46% in land prices.

Commenting on the release of the 2023 LPI, Mr. Daham Gunaratna, the Managing Director of LankaPropertyWeb said, “the demand for lands has been lower in the past 12 months, mainly due to the higher interest rates for property loans. However, with the economic situation improving and interest rates coming down, we have seen a resurgence in interest for lands after the month of May 2023.  The number of new land sales projects recently coming into the market is an example of that”.

Mr. Tharindu Jayarathne Head of Development Consultancy and Research of LankaPropertyWeb commenting on the release of the 2023 LPI, said the notable increase in land prices in Colombo city indicates a positive trend, suggesting sustained demand and potential investment opportunities. This growth can be attributed to factors such as development projects, infrastructural improvements, and the city’s status as a commercial hub. While the overall land price increase in Western Province has moderated to 2% compared to the previous year’s 10% growth, it is important to note that this still represents a steady appreciation in value. It indicates a resilient market despite socio-economic challenges faced during the recent year.

This index captures annual changes in land prices in the most populated province in Sri Lanka; Western Province. Publicly available asking prices for bare lands published in LPW, and in other online media were used in the analysis. The Land Price Index considers the base prices of 2018 equal to 100 when determining the price fluctuation in the years after. The Q1 2023 update reflects a comparison with the average of Q1 2022. Prices within the area will have their own variances, such as land close to main roads or junctions being expensive and above average. If you wish to obtain more accurate prices for your land or neighbourhood prices, then you should view ‘land for sale’ listings for that area, and check with an estate agent or a registered valuer in your area. View the full list of land prices for Q1 2023 can be viewed from

In addition to the Land Price Index, LankaPropertyWeb offers various tools and services to help real estate enthusiasts and investors make informed decisions. These include property listings, property valuation reports, price meters, house price index, market insight reports, and other resources.

As the leading online real estate marketplace in Sri Lanka, LankaPropertyWeb is committed to providing the best possible service to its users. The Land Price Index is just one example of the many tools and resources that LankaPropertyWeb offers to help investors and real estate enthusiasts make informed decisions.

Posted Date: 9th June 2023

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