• Colombo 7
    • 10
    • 3000 sqft
    • Office space

      Rs. 800,000 /month [267 PSF]

    Office Space for Rent

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    Properties for Rent in Colombo

    The city of Colombo is where the economic future of the country is being decided on a daily basis. In fact, neighbourhoods besides the Galle road seems to be flourishing with plenty of new businesses from local as well as foreign investors. Many BPOs and KPOs are located within the heart of this city and jobs are far easier to find compared to other parts of the country. Because of this, among the properties for rent in Sri Lanka, the properties for rent in Colombo, such as a fully furnished house for rent, annex for rent in colombo or rooms for rent for rent in colombo, is a common sight throughout the city. As such, when it comes to leasing, the properties in Colombo for rent are some of the best, found in Sri Lanka. Whether it is a luxury house in a residential area, an apartment, a land or a commercial space, there are numerous options available for a prospective tenant who is on the lookout for an affordable rental property. 

    However, remember that leasing a property whether it is a bungalow for rent in Colombo or a villa for rent in Colombo is not the same thing as buying one. There are certain things that you should look into before you sign the dotted line. Specially; office for rent in colombo. This is because office space in Colombo has quite a high value. If you are searching for a small house for rent lease, a furnished house such as a 2 story houses for rent in Colombo or even apartments for rent in Colombo, a considerable amount of brainstorming will be required. How much square feet space? Whether rooms with attached bath rooms? One fully air conditioned bedroom with attached bathroom or 3 bedrooms with hot water supply? Does it have a 1st floor separate entrance with car parks? Whether the ground floor and living room capacity enough? These are some of the things that should be looked into. 

    When you are signing the contract for an apartment, consider who will be living with you. If it is your entire family, then take into account all the needs and requirements of them. If you are going to get a flat-mate, make sure that it is someone that you would not mind having around all the time. Make sure that you are entitled to most common facilities that apartments offer such as housekeeping, pest control, and access to sports and shopping centres. On the other hand, obtaining a commercial property for rent in Colombo calls for a different mindset which different than shops for rent in colombo. Always look in terms of how much money you will gain or lose from your investment in the long run, rather than taking a decision based purely on the emotional aspect of that property. Office space for rent in Colombo is picking up due to the reason for emerging business from other countries, so are the properties for rent in Colombo and its suburbs such as the properties for rent in Colombo 5. Therefore doing prior research is absolutely necessary to get the best deals in town!