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    • 3500 sqft
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      Rs. 190,000 Per Month

    3 Bed Room Villa In Negombo Beach

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    Properties for Rent in Negombo

    Negombo is a culturally diverse metropolis in the western coast of Sri Lanka. However, what most do not know is the important role of the famous lagoon located here. Situated next to the metropolis and about 40 km north of Colombo, this lagoon is the most important geographical feature that characterises this expanse. It covers an area of 35 square kilometres and has an average depth of 1 meter or 3.3 feet. The lagoon is a vital ecological zone here and without a doubt is a paradise for aquatic birds. Connected to the sea by a narrow opening in the north, it is fed by the Dandugam Oya and the Old Dutch Canal, which connects to it from the eastern mainland. 

    Mangrove forests, small grasslands, coconut plantations and paddy fields surround the area and these forests aid the sustainability of marine life in and around the lagoon, which helps the fishing industry to thrive with all its glory. Another point to highlight is that this lagoon is the first glimpse a visitor will see of Sri Lanka when looking out of the window roughly 15 minutes before landing on the Bandaranaike International Airport. This is also a hotspot to find a luxury house, rooms for rent in negombo particularly luxurious 2 story house properties for rent in Negombo. The city's perfect blend of both urban and village life has resulted in a beautiful array of residential properties. If you buy a home here, you will discover that your house is situated close to super markets or a railway station, and this also includes multi-family homes, which are ideal for those who are searching for a fully furnished houses for rent in Negombo

    Typically, the majority of such fully completed multi story house properties with a landscape garden situated in Negombo are available for sale. However, a considerable number of properties offered for rent, such as fully equipped apartments for rent in Negombo or even a long term commercial property for rent in Negombo, just 1 km to Negombo town, can also be seen. In general, the widely available fully tiled housing properties in Negombo for rent that are located at a walking distance to the Negombo beach are well built, with all the essential facilities required for modern-day living. These can include an alarm system, a ground floor bath room, a large living and dining area, air conditioned rooms kitchen bathroom, as well as a bed room with an attached bathroom, for the prospective buyers.