• Colombo 15
    • 1
    • 1
    • 144 sqft
    • Room

      Rs. 10,000 Per Month

    Colombo 15 Room For Rent

    • Colombo 1
    • 1
    • 250 sqft
    • Room


    room for rent / single

    • Colombo 6
    • 1
    • Room

      Rs. 17,000 Per Month

    Room for rent in Colombo 6

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    Rooms for Rent in Colombo

    Education and employment are two factors that go hand in hand. If you are educated then the chances of being employed in Colombo  and living in one of the many properties for rent in Colombo are great. Many students from the rural areas of the country move towards the main city of Colombo after saving for months for room rent in Colombo or an area close like Colombo 12 or Colombo 4 to meet their requirements. Friends move together and end up sharing rooms with attached bathrooms in an annex for rent in Colombo to reduce the high rent in Colombo that one person would have to bear, by renting rooms in colombo. Thus choosing comfort over living in boarding rooms for rent in Colombo that aren’t as luxury as they promise to be with a mini fridge, free wifi, clean rooms, swimming pool and great location. Most times what you get is quite the opposite when you visit the site in person. Those in a relationship and working together in the same company look for rooms for rent in Colombo for couples to make work life easier. Although their options are somewhat limited when looking for rooms for couples in Colombo, with a little work finding a suitable place isn’t so hard.

    In terms of property this town is a huge opportunity for those offering boarding rooms for rent in colombo 10 per day, houses for rent in colombo, annexes in Colombo or newly built cheap city hotels in Colombo with 24 hour front desk. The rooms for rent in dehiwala are alternative housing options to consider when you are unable to find good boarding rooms in Colombo to live safely. You’ll be able to find good boarding places in Colombo for girls and boarding places in Colombo for boys by investing a little time and effort. The rooms for rent in nugegoda is another popular place people look for these rooms when looking up on renting a room in colombo as temporary shelter or waiting at a bus stand to get home after a hard day's work!

    On the bright side though, Sri Lanka isn’t so bad. The youths are now finding quicker and more efficient ways of educating themselves. Whether it is through self-learning in classrooms for rent in Colombo or boarding places in Colombo or by looking for government institutions that require a payment to be made unlike the state universities; they are now realizing the range of job opportunities available on a global scale thanks to the internet. It doesn’t matter if they don’t own a room for rent amongst the many rooms available in colombo or whether they live in a single room in high level road or nugegoda junction with a seperate entrance paying a monthly rent or whether they’ve found a home in the many apartments for rent in colombo because they can choose to either work from home or become self-employed. 

    People visiting Colombo are another category of those looking for housing to stay in colombo. These visits are mostly sight seeing or people visiting from abroad; and they mostly look for places in the city centre overlooking Galle Face Green or the Indian Ocean. The best options for them to select from are the 3-star hotels in Central Colombo with friendly staff and amazing service.