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    Annex for Rent in Wellawatte

    Wellawatta is a Colombo neighborhood in Sri Lanka. It is located just south of Bambalapitiya and is part of the Colombo Municipal Region. The town begins immediately before the Savoy Cinema on the old Dutch canal and extends south to the same canal, which meets the sea just before the Hospital Road junction, where Dehiwela begins. Because of the convenient location and the many places of convenience located here, the demand for properties for rent in Wellawatte is always high. Among the real estate market in this town in Sri Lanka you’ll find annexes for rent in Wellawatte, commercial properties for rent in Wellawatte and houses for rent in Wellawatte

    Finding a place to live temporarily in Colombo is easier than any other part of Sri Lanka. Because of the advanced metropolitan region and its facilities there is also a consistent demand. As a result, the value and cost to be spent on even an annexes for rent in Wellawatte may be high depending on where you search for it. 

    Many of these annexes for rent in Wellawatte can be found between Rs. 40,000/month to Rs.160,000/month. The price may vary depending on the number of bedrooms, furnishing status, parking etc. and even the location. For example an annex for rent in Thimbirigasyaya would be costlier than any room for rent in Bambalapitiya. Therefore, when selecting any property make sure that you are clear of the expectations you have from the said property. 

    With the popularity for these annexes in Wellawatte rising, properties in surrounding areas have also benefited. In fact, the number of people searching for an annex for rent in Dehiwala, annex for rent in Bambalapitiya and annex for rent in Kollupitiya has grown significantly over the years. 

    Besides an annex for rent near Colombo or any annex for rent in Colombo, you could also consider an apartment for rent in Wellawatte if you have a less restricted budget. They are more spacious than the ordinary annex and have additional facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, parking etc. 

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