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    Houses for Sale in Kurunegala

    The Kurunegala town, located in the North-Western Province of Sri Lanka, can be denoted as one of the most favourite regions to live and work in our island. Having a history that spans as far as the 12th century, the city can also be considered as one of the oldest continuing municipalities found in the country. This initial boost has also helped to ensure the status of this zone in modern-day Sri Lanka, resulting in a wide variety of properties for sale in Kurunegala being created here. It includes the houses for sale in Kurunegala and houses for rent in Kurunegala, which are now some of the most sought-after properties seen on the island. 

    According to the Department of Census and Statistics, this fast-developing zone is one of the most populous metropolitan regions in the country. As such, if you are also someone who is thinking of relocating to this city, and is currently looking for a Millennium city house sale in Kurunegala, then do remember to consider the important facts mentioned below. For a start, if you are looking for a house for sale in Kurunegala town, a newly built house for sale at Malpitiya Kurunegala 150m to Colombo 06 Kurunegala main road 02 km to Pothuhera, then go for a property built close to the Halpara Road for the best opportunities. The house price of such a property would be comparatively higher than regular property prices away from the town. But if you are thinking of buying a property, it would be smart to invest in one that is worthy for the long term. However, if you are someone who is looking for a storied house for sale in Kurunegala, built close to a main road 15 minutes drive from the city, then check out the apartments for sale in Kurunegala for a better deal. 

    You might be looking for a property for sale in Green Garden Doratiyawa or Uyandana Kurunegala built on a fast developing residential area. If so then one of the houses for sale in Kurunegala Wehera or a house for sale in Mawathagama might offer you a more affordable option. It might also be that what you want is a 2 storey house in Kurunegala built on 15 perches land, a property with a large living room and a parapet wall. In such a case, a brand new house for sale in Kurunegala Lake round or a 2 story house in Jaya Mawatha Malkaduwawa Kurunegala might offer you exactly what you want. However, let’s assume that you want a house built on a 28 perch land with 1650 sqft floor space, yet you do not have the money. Then why not buy one of the lands for sale in Kurunegala and build a house later, which can save you a lot of money.