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    House for Sale in Gampaha

    Separated from the commercial heart of the country (the district of Colombo) by the legendary Kelani River that acts as a boundary wall, Gampaha is the second most heavily populated district in Sri Lanka. It is a thriving urban region highly popular among real estate developers and property hunters looking for houses for sale in Gampaha. 

    The construction of the railway station and the establishment of modern transport infrastructure paved the way for local investors and job seekers to move here, resulting in the level of development that we see today. It has also resulted in a high demand for properties for sale in Gampaha including commercial properties for sale in Gampaha and houses for sale in the Gampaha area.

    Buying a luxury house for sale in Gampaha with a large living area can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. Houses for sale in Gampaha may start at as low as 10 million rupees and go up to even 100 million rupees, depending on the facilities they offer.

    With the abundance of homes in Gampaha and a growing positive demand for properties in nearby towns, such as houses and lands for sale in Kadawatha or houses for rent in Minuwangoda town area, consider all aspects and weigh your choices wisely. 

    It is pointless to buy houses for sale in Gampaha district or the more common lands for sale in Gampaha if you have to spend a fortune restoring them. Therefore, a thorough inspection is essential before you buy a house for sale in Sri Lanka Gampaha.

    Nevertheless, if you want a house for sale in the Gampaha district, especially one that is considered a luxurious house, then expect a spacious dining area, attached bathrooms and even 1200 sqft 6 bedrooms from residential properties to be your best choice.