Houses for sale in Kadawatha +5 km (16 properties)

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    House for sale in Kadawatha

    Kadawatha offers a peaceful environment to live in when it comes to laid-back living in Sri Lanka, with easy access to Colombo and other areas through the Southern Expressway. Just because of the convenience offered by the Kadawatha highway entrance, there are a lot of commercial properties and residential properties for sale in Kadawatha.

    Houses in Kadawatha contribute a great deal to the real estate market of Sri Lanka. Residential properties in Kadawatha are numerous, including houses for sale in Kadawatha, annexes for rent in Kadawatha, Mangala Mawatha, as well as brand new houses for rent or sale along the Kandy Road.

    A two storied house for sale in Kadawatha with 3 bedrooms and attached bathrooms can be purchased for less than 10 million rupees on a 12 perch land. A similar house for rent in Kadawatha may cost around 30,000 rupees per month. For those with budget concerns, annexes for rent in Kadawatha or rooms for rent in Kadawatha are great alternatives.

    Kadawatha town is a highly residential area as well as being preferred for commercial purposes. The main reason for this is the availability of spacious properties such as lands for sale in Kadawatha that benefit factories and businesses.

    A luxury modern house for sale in Kadawatha, Ganemulla road, which is a very popular area, may cost around 27.5 million ruppes. Most of such houses are inclusive of ample vehicle parking spaces, 20 feet road for access, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

    Houses for sale in Kadawatha area which are located near bus and train stations offer a sweet deal for buyers due to the ease of travel. Colombo can be quickly reached in under 30 minutes, making this town a good choice to commute to and from work.