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    Houses for Sale in Kiribathgoda

    A house is supposed to be a secure and peaceful haven, and your home can be absolutely any place. Kiribathgoda, with the postal code 11600, is a well-known residential town in Sri Lanka, featuring a variety of houses for sale in Kiribathgoda. A house for sale in Kiribathgoda is in a decent position in a residential neighbourhood in Sri Lanka, ensuring purchasers receive what they want, and the homes are made to fit almost any household.

    There are various properties for rent in Kiribathgoda and houses for sale in Kiribathgoda available in quiet areas close to important utilities such as supermarkets, banks, and bus stops. At Rs. 180 million, a recently built luxury house with four bedrooms and four bathrooms in a very residential region in Kelaniya, Colombo, is offered. This two-story residence features two separate TV rooms and storage spaces, as well as hot water. A two-story mansion on an 11-perch plot of land on the ancient Kandy Road is for sale for Rs. 195 million. It is located in a very residential and well-regarded neighbourhood.

    Kiribathgoda real estate is also more affordable. For example, a two-story house for sale in Kiribathgoda, 200 metres from the town, is offered for Rs. 32 million. It is entirely tiled and contains four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It has space for three automobiles. This city has a lot to offer in terms of apartments for sale in Kiribathgoda as well as residences. Kiribathgoda city's growth in terms of schools, restaurants, highways, and commerce adds to the value of purchasing a property in close proximity to these.

    A completely equipped property in Kiribathgoda with a planted garden, turfed roof garden, 4 bedrooms, and a spacious living room costs Rs. 38.5 million. A highly luxurious home in Kiribathgoda near Makola is on sale for Rs. 120 million. It is 4,000 square feet and is just 400 metres from the Colombo Kandy Road. Properties near this route and Kiribathgoda town are more appealing owing to their convenience.

    Commercial property and other types of real estates, such as lands for sale in Kiribathgoda, are favoured in the same way that a house for sale in Kiribathgoda is. A home for sale 400m from Makola Road and 900m from Kiribathgoda city is available for Rs. 22 million. This home in Kiribathgoda is 400 metres from Makola Road and is located between paddy fields and a small lake. While on Makola Road, 900 metres from Kiribathgoda city, is closer to stores and the nearest bus stop. Meanwhile, a freshly completed two-story house on Makola Road is offered for Rs. 27.5 million. The town is about 2 kilometres away.

    Property for sale in Gonawala with the land is on the market for an average price of Rs. 11.5 million, located 4 kilometres from the town. It is a two-bedroom house for sale on 19.5 acres. Closer to town, houses and land for sale sell at higher market rates, whilst the inner districts provide good quality residences in decent locations for a fraction of the cost.

    Furthermore, when consumers are unable to get a decent bargain near areas such as Viharamahadevi Balika school, they show an interest in acquiring property in adjacent towns. As a result, the number of people looking for a property for sale in Kelaniya, Kadawatha, and Makola has increased dramatically.