Houses for sale in Makola (9 properties)

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    House for sale in Makola

    Makola is a town in Sri Lanka's Gampaha district. It is a town located a couple of hours away from Colombo, conveniently near the Kiribathgoda and the Colombo-Kandy route. This has increased demand for properties for sale in Makola, particularly for persons looking for a house for sale in Makola.

    Property for sale in Makola with 2-3 bedrooms, bathrooms, and parking space is common. Prices range from Rs. 25M to 30M and higher, depending on the qualities of the property.

    The increasing demand for homes in this town has also resulted in many searches for a property for sale in nearby Sapugaskanda, Mawaramandiya, and Kiribathgoda. Property owners who sell these homes see a good return on investment, especially if the home has been repaired or upgraded.

    In terms of design, there isn't much difference between this and a property for sale in Dalugama. Yet, because it is somewhat further out from the Colombo centre, these rates may be somewhat similar and cheaper than the typical costs of houses for sale in Colombo. A house for sale in Kadawatha, on the other hand, would be in higher demand due to its primary position and closeness to many towns.

    To profit from returns, a house for sale in Makola can be built on land for sale in Makola and sold to a third party. This is a common method among investors who seek for housing loans, construct a property, double its value, and profit by selling it.