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    Apartments for Sale in Negombo

    Located just off the coast of the Indian Ocean in the Gampaha district is the city of Negombo, the fifth largest city in Sri Lanka. With a total population of 137,223 inhabitants (by 2019), packed into an area of 34 km2 or (13.12 sq mi) has resulted in a population density which exceeds 4,958 km2 (12,840 sq mi) making it one of the most densely populated areas outside of the Colombo district. According to official estimates by the Department of Census and Statistics in the country, around 12% of the entire population of Gampaha lives within the borders of the Negombo municipal region, making it one of the most important cities in the Gampaha district. Historically, throughout the past centuries, this region has been famous for its thriving fishing industry. Today, the use of modern technology and equipment has greatly helped to improve the living standards of the fisherman who make up a large proportion of the population. 

    By far one of the most common types of residential real estate seen in close proximity to the Negombo city and it's international airport are the various types of fully furnished apartments in negombo that come with a modern pantry kitchen, bed rooms, bath rooms, which can easily be seen throughout this region. Due to the city's strong economic portfolio, these apartments for sale in negombo sri lanka, as well as the apartments for rent in Negombo, can be described as in good condition with most modern facilities built right into them. Nevertheless, the price of an apartment for sale in negombo or house for sale in Negombo, especially close to the Negombo town or important schools churches such as maris stella college, may depend on the location, the size of the property as well as the range of amenities on offer. 

    If you are an individual searching for a house with a parapet wall from this city, preferably close to the Dutch fort within walking distance to super markets, then remember to consider these factors before arriving at your conclusion. First, this zone has a Tourism and Fisheries based economy. As such, if you aim to seek employment in these two industries while hoping to settle down permanently, then a house for sale located in Negombo is the right choice for you. Just remember that these properties can also offer a private bathroom with hot water and a large dining area and living area for your comfort. In addition, the land for sale in Negombo are the most commonly available properties here. This could make it easier for someone to obtain such property in the hopes of building a home for themselves in the long run.