Houses for sale in Nugegoda +5 km (6 properties)

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    Houses for Sale in Nugegoda

    There is no doubt that this urban region Nugegoda is one of the best neighbourhoods to live and invest in greater Sri Lanka. Located in the most densely populated district in the country, the district of Colombo has given this section several unique factors that allowed it to stand out from the rest of the cities on the island. As such, residential properties such as houses for sale in Nawala Nugegoda Sri Lanka and houses for rent in Nugegoda are among the most valuable seen in the country. Imagine you are a local property hunter searching for a conveniently located Nugegoda house for sale, perhaps a 4000 sq ft house built on a 10 perches land in a highly residential area close to Nugegoda. If this is the case, then you will find your dream property from here with ease. So even if you are looking for a house for sale in mirihana nugegoda it would not be so hard at all!

    Nevertheless, if you are in fact such a property hunter who is looking for a 2 bed roomed house for sale in Nawala or a modern house for sale in Nugegoda, a house of 4000 sq.ft in close proximity to the city's residential area, then there is also something else that you should pay attention before you make your final decision. This is none other than the newyl built apartments for sale in Nugegoda found close to the city's centre. These high-rise residential properties are available for both buying as well as for rent and come with amenities that are typically not found in most houses for sale in Nugegoda. For example, a modern apartment house in nugegoda here can have facilities such as a large living room, office room, a ground floor reception area and even a rooftop swimming pool for the comfort of its residents. 

    Regardless, a middle-class buyer who is on the lookout for residential property from here, especially luxury houses or brand new houses for sale in nugegoda, should consider all real estate options available in this zone before paying your hard-earned money on a high-end home. Let's say you are a buyer currently looking for a 2 story house located 450 meters from pagoda road 1 km from the Nugegoda junction. If this is you, then you might also want to look at the developed lands for sale in Nugegoda that can offer you a great deal than even some of the house for sale in nugegoda area. These properties are ideal for an architect designed 2 storied house and come with all necessary features such as pipe born water and three-phase electricity to make such a construction a reality.