• Pannipitiya
    • 8
    • 4
    • 2400 sqft
    • House

      Rs. 30M upwards


    • Pannipitiya
    • 3
    • 3
    • 1396 sqft
    • House

      Rs. 19M ONO

    Two story house

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    Houses for Sale in Pannipitiya

    Owning multiple houses is not uncommon in Sri Lanka. Houses for sale in Pannipitiya are not any different. As a suburb of Colombo, a house for sale in Pannipitiya is likely to offer a peaceful environment to live in. The prices of houses vary based on the number of perches of land, area, quality of materials used, etc. 

    A single storied house for sale that has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and parking is available for Rs. 30 million. An architect designed house for sale in Pannipitiya with 6 bedrooms is available for Rs. 60 million. This has a rooftop area, indoor garden and veranda. It is tastefully designed with an open plan kitchen, polished cement floors, a study and laundry room. This property is brand new. Apartments for sale in Pannipitiya are another option buyers can consider. Unlike houses, these properties offer shared facilities.

    Houses for rent in Pannipitiya are ideal for those who move into this city on a short-term basis. This form of properties varies from apartments to annexes or rooms for rent. It is also possible to rent out an apartment from a multi-storied house. This may come as an upstairs or downstairs portion with a separate entrance. Overall, real estate patterns show that there is a large interest in buying houses in this area as it is not too far away from Colombo. Therefore, there is a large demand for a house for sale in Pannipitiya Sri Lanka. A range of amenities are established in this town and the surrounding region, therefore people find it a convenient place to live. Hospitals, educational institutions, shops and restaurants have set up around Pannipitiya along with banks, supermarkets and a reliable transport system.

    A house for sale in Pannipitiya combines the best of comfort and ease. Located just 250 meters from High Level Road, a property is on the market with fully furnished 4 bedrooms, solar powered hot water system, CCTV cameras and air conditioning. Buyers will also be able to find similar houses for sale in towns such as Maharagama, Piliyandala, Arawwala and Homagama.

    The real estate pattern in any city shows a rise in the value of properties as the city develops. This includes better roads, more commercial activity and close proximity to essential facilities. Lands for sale in Pannipitiya are valuable for both commercial and residential uses. These can be used to build a multipurpose building, a showroom, luxury house or even an apartment complex. Land value tends to rise over time. This can provide an investment boost for property owners. 

    Older houses in this town are sold off for land value. This allows a buyer to renovate the house as per their requirement and make investment gains. Meanwhile, a three-storied house on 10 perches land comes for Rs. 23.5 million. It is situated 2 kilometers from the Pannipitiya junction. With 4 air-conditioned bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, luxury kitchen fittings and parking, this house is located in a highly residential area. Similar houses for sale in Kottawa, Depanama and houses for sale in Kalalgoda Pannipitiya can be found. Most buyers tend to show greater interest in properties like these.