8 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Double Sales in Sri Lanka in 2021

Real estate marketing in Sri Lanka is a fast-growing method of communication between property buyers and sellers. Through this, real estate agents and property sellers are able to get their name out in the real estate industry and spread the word about their service. Real estate marketing is mainly focused on the properties available for sale or rent and advertising them for potential buyers. 

The need for real estate marketing comes at a time where the population growth in Sri Lanka continues to increase at a steady pace and the number of people moving to the city is increasing. Through this form of marketing, property buyers are able to find properties available in the market and property sellers or real estate agents are able to reach such clients. 

But to succeed in real estate marketing, your plan should focus on the core of your business. This includes 4 main factors. 

Creating contacts

Contacts for real estate agents are like the secret recipes for success. When agents enter the industry for the first time, this is also one factor that they struggle a lot with. The best way to start is by building this base through people you know who could use your services. These people can also be your link to referring you to others outside of your circle needing your services. For this, you can reach out through your personal LinkedIn profile or design a unique business card to hand out. Work on maintaining a good relationship with such prospects. Eventually, when there is a need for real estate services, you will be at the top of their minds. 

Building an online presence through a website 

The first place to look for information, share information, and gather information is the internet. Because of this, building your online presence through a website is key for real estate marketing in Sri Lanka. The website should carry information on your services, share tips and information through a blog, offer valuable content for a homebuyer and encourage connections to build a solid relationship with your brand. It would also be a great approach to brand your services to promote better and for lead generation

Designing a real estate website with a series of landing pages that directs the user to their requirements helps organize the content. It also positively impacts your ranking on Google. Since many people are browsing such sites on their smartphones, the mobile responsiveness of your website should also be high. Use lead capture forms to gather client information to create your base and put your contact details on every page. This not only reinforces your brand and its details but also helps the client find your contact information easily. 

website for real estate marketing

Investing in social media 

Social media platforms are powerful tools for real estate agents and marketers to reach buyers from all over the world. Through the platform, you can share your information more creatively and give your brand a brand voice. 

Use social media to direct people to your website to build traffic and advertise. Create different content as videos and publish them on platforms like YouTube and TikTok to expand your reach. 

With social platforms designing various advertising methods that help agents target their audience, now reaching clients couldn’t get any better. But if you aren’t up for the challenge of streamlining your clients to target or are inexperienced in the process, you could also sign up with professional real estate advertising agencies that offer these services. 

Using email marketing

real estate email marketing

Email marketing campaigns are another powerful way of reaching and building relationships with clients in real estate marketing in Sri Lanka. But keep in mind that if you overdo this, it could end up backfiring. Emails can sometimes be considered spam when businesses forward them regularly. This could lead to people unsubscribing, and all your investment in the campaign going to waste. That is why, while you strive to create consistency in forwarding such emails, you also need to find a balance between frequency and regularity. 

Besides the 4 core factors mentioned above, a real estate business should also explore other methods of establishing its presence in the competitive market. Here are a few other real estate digital marketing strategies and ideas that real estate agents and businesses can try in 2021. 

Video marketing 

Create in-depth videos on your brand and the services you offer for clients. This will help users get a better idea of your real estate business and build brand awareness. Videos gain more engagement than any other content source, so explore this marketing method more. 

Use video marketing to separate yourself from the competition and prove to the client that you are the right person for the job. You can also approach this by writing an entire article. But according to WordStream, 64% of the consumers purchase a product/service after watching branded social videos. Social videos generate 1200% more shares than images and text content too.


Blog posts are a great way of sharing information, marketing online and ranking on Google. When you do it right, you can go a long way in building traffic for your website and reinforcing your brand name. Start by doing research on what people are looking for on platforms like Google, Bing, etc. Try to answer these through your blog posts while also using graphics and videos. When you incorporate SEO strategies into it, you increase the engagement for your content further. This boosts the chances of your website and content appearing on the first page of Google. 

Professional real estate photography

Content is the key to succeeding in a world that is dominated by the internet. As much as you need to have videos in your content strategy, you should also be focused on capturing great pictures. Especially in real estate marketing in Sri Lanka, photography plays a big part when a client decides whether he should purchase a particular property. It is after all the images that are posted online that influence the buyer’s behaviour. Because of this, the first impression of the property should be spectacular. 

As an agent with property portfolios, focus on how each one of your properties is captured on the camera lens. The brighter and gorgeous a property looks on an ad or on Instagram, the higher chances you have of selling out.  

Graphic designing 

If you’re looking to get more engagement on your social media pages or your overall business profile online, create content that will be helpful for the customer. People are interested in learning something new and that is what they look for when following pages. Take this into account and invest in quality graphic designing to publish real estate social media content such as infographics, graphs, facts, tips, etc.

Real estate marketing is a long and tedious process. But to create a stable foundation for your business and build your client base, invest in your online presence and keep updating regularly. When you do this, you’ll be able to experience the results you are looking for in no time!

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Posted Date: 26th July 2021

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