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  • 1/3rd of and visitors are overseas users, giving your ads the best visibility globally.

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  • On average we give over 75000+ leads a month to our advertisers. Don’t miss out on the valuable leads for your properties

Ways to Reach You

More ways for your prospects to reach you

  • We’ve offered multiple options for your prospects to reach you, either by phone, email or WhatsApp chat. So whether they are in Kandy or Kansas they can easily each you.

Get the maximum reach for your ads

Reach Level - MAXIMUM

  • Property advertisements of agents will be promoted on LankaPropertyWeb’s monthly newsletter with over 50k+ subscribers.
  • Property ads will also be promoted on social media pages of LankaPropertyWeb including Facebook and Instagram.
  • *Applicable for selected membership packages

50% Discount On Verified Agent

Boost your Credibility.

  • Become a verified agent on LankaPropertyWeb with a 50% discount when applying for verification through the ultimate package.
  • *Applicable for selected membership packages

Logo Shown On All Ad Listings

Build and Market your Brand

  • The client’s logo will be displayed on all ad listings on the search results and property detail pages of LankaPropertyWeb

Free Right Banner

Improve Brand Awareness

  • A free 300x80 size banner of your brand will be displayed on the right side of the search results page of LankaPropertyWeb.
  • *Applicable for selected membership packages

Free white label Website

Establish an Online Presence

  • For agents without a website, a free white label website will be created to increase their brand presence online.
  • *Applicable for selected membership packages

Upload your videos to generate more leads

Get Interactive

  • Upload YouTube or TikTok videos and generate more leads for your listings.


More Views with Free Boosts and Featured Ads

  • Vouchers worth up to 25,000 /month offered to agents to purchase Boosts, Featured ads and Verified Agent packages, so you can super-charge your ads & get more views and leads.

View Wanted ads before others do

Reach Buyers Before the Others

  • Agents or clients of selected packages will have the opportunity to view wanted ads before other visitors.
  • *Applicable for selected membership packages

Stats and Analytics

Measure the Progress

  • Evaluate the performance of your ad listings on our website.
  • Analytics of will also be forwarded to you each month.
  • *Applicable for selected membership packages

Instant Client Connection

WhatsApp Live Chat Integration

  • Connect instantly with potential clients through our 'WhatsApp Live Chat' feature.
  • Elevate your property listings by enabling real-time communication, allowing visitors to initiate conversations with you directly from the property ad detail page.

Maximized Listing Visibility

Social Media Boost

  • Expand your property's reach on social media platforms with our ‘Social Media Boost’.
  • Showcase your listing to a vast audience of over 150K+ followers on LankaPropertyWeb's official pages and channels, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.
  • Gain leads from a targeted and wider audience interested in properties like yours.

Comprehensive Listing Optimization

Magic Pack Bundle

  • Unlock the full potential of your property listing with our comprehensive 'Magic Pack' bundle.
  • This all-inclusive package includes featured ad placement, an 'Urgent' label for attracting immediate buyers, 10 Boost credits for top-tier visibility, organic social media promotion reaching 100K+ potential leads, and a captivating property video shared on YouTube and TikTok.

Dynamic Visual Appeal

Video Ad Showcase

  • Transform the appearance of your property listing with our 'Video Ad' addon.
  • Convert your ad into a captivating video thumbnail that auto-plays when users view the ad.
  • This feature enhances the visibility of your listing, making it stand out from the competition and showcasing your property in a dynamic way.

Immediate Buyer Attraction

Urgent Sale Label

  • Highlight the urgency of your property listing with the 'Urgent Sale' label.
  • Attract more leads from buyers actively searching for properties available for immediate purchase.

International Property Exposure

Global Reach Campaign

  • Target a global audience and increase the value of your property with our 'Global Reach' campaign.
  • Our Digital Marketing team will create a customized paid campaign on Facebook, targeting overseas buyers interested in properties similar to yours.
  • Additionally, enjoy a free post on, China's second-largest social media platform, reaching 1.2M followers.

Polished Presentation Support

Professional Listing Service

  • Let us assist you in creating a compelling property ad.
  • Our 'Professional Listing Service' includes crafting an enticing ad heading and description, along with manual enhancement of your images to optimize your listing for a quick sale or rent.

Happy Clients

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Our Packages

  • (1) Compared to a non-featured ad. Based on the average increase in views/replies (as applicable) across all categories.
  • (2) Based on the average homepage impressions averaged across all categories.
  • (3) Based on the average number of views an ad receives in the first three (3) days once being posted, averaged across all categories.
We provide no guarantee regarding the number of views, replies or impressions your ad will actually receive.

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