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Last Update Date :- Aug 21st 2023

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The values shown above are estimates only. The interest rate applied for the above calculation is the 5 year fixed housing loan interest rate and is subject to the assignment of salary to the bank. The final interest rate will be determined by the bank upon receipt of your supporting documents and evaluation.


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What is a home loan?

A home loan or a mortgage is a type of loan (monetary advance) offered to a buyer for buying a residential property. The home buyer is responsible for paying the loan back to the financial institution on an instalments basis. Typically, the property purchased using the loan is considered as collateral (security) in an event where the homebuyer is unable to pay the loan back.

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Home Loan Rates in Sri Lanka

Building a home of one’s own is a wish that every person has in their life. And as a result many people are constantly looking for housing loans and researching for the best home loan rates in Sri Lanka.

Unlike living in someone else’s, investing in your own property means much more. You have the freedom to design it the way you want if you decide to build it from scratch on land for sale in Sri Lanka or change it the way you want if you purchase a built one. In fact at present, there is a considerably high demand for houses for sale in Colombo, houses for sale in Kandy, houses for sale in Wattala and other properties for sale in Sri Lanka. But making this dream a reality is much easier said than done. This is when you need to consider the option of getting a mortgage loan.

Banks in Sri Lanka offer a variety of housing loans with different rates and conditions. Some of these pair special offers, while others have flexible conditions that allow people even over 60, to apply for them. But with all of these choices, it becomes difficult to select the right one. That is when you can use a home loan rate comparison tool to help you assess different home loan rates in Sri Lanka. Mix and match against the lowest home loan rates, terms and conditions and repayment periods to find the ideal one and calculate your EMI or monthly installment using the home loan interest rate calculator.

Since obtaining a house loan from the bank has its risks with repayments and getting your house seized, you need to be careful with your choice. Certain banks might create a picture of the perfect land loan scheme with the best home loan rates in Sri Lanka. But once time goes by, you’ll find yourself paying even more than whatever you imagined. However, choosing to fund it on your own has a greater risk too. When you aren’t aware of the technical details behind purchasing land and what to check for it, you become vulnerable to scams. But with banks, this is avoided because of the expert legal team that goes through the documents you submit. So while signing up for a home loan in Sri Lanka has its positives and negatives, it’s your responsibility to make the optimum use of it by making smart choices.