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Home is a place of rest and a place of joy and laughter. To bring out this vibe, many think a lot about the kind of house they wish to live in. In fact, the sort of house designs they want to explore take the top when designing such house plans Kandy. Thus you find many people doing prior research on photos of house designs Sri Lanka, Indian style house designs, small house design and even opting to explore things out on their own. This has led to a constant evolution in the home design and structures witnessed in the modern-day and era.

The rising population, limited space and the advancing home interior design trends have also had a major influence on these house designs. As a result, now you would see a set of primary or basic house designs in Sri Lanka that have gone through many upgrades and changes through interior designing.

House Plan Designs are the foundations of a dream home
House Plan Designs are the foundations of a dream home

When you simplify these home designs in Sri Lanka you will identify that the choices are more or less limited. But through interior and exterior home design Sri Lanka, the limits are endless. They give your home building that much needed unique touch by taking it to a whole other level!

Here are a few such housing construction styles, broken down to their simple home designs or simple house design plans for you to choose from when building your very own dream home. 

Single / Detached Homes

A single home is simple and perfect for small families
A single home is simple and perfect for small families

A single or detached home is the general one-floor house you see in almost every neighbourhood. These houses are also known as free-standing residential buildings. The house plans Kandy used in the construction of such single homes may even appear commonly amongst many vacation homes. In such home designing images finding open floor plans, garage and gardening spaces is usual.

When compared with apartments and terraced home designs, depending on where single houses are located, the facilities available may be higher. This is because in general most of these homes are located in the less dense urban areas where outdoor space is available in abundance. Thus expanding the liberty of adding in more rooms and facilities into the house plan.

When you are building a house of your own with the expertise of house builders in Sri Lanka and house plans Kandy, usually, you have the freedom to explore various home design ideas. However, sometimes there might be certain restrictions and obstacles in the process. For example, the independence you have in building your home the way you want could be limited in a neighbourhood where colonial architectural design is the prime style.

The reason for this is the strict conditions have been imposed by the state in such areas in the hope of preserving the cultural and historical value. Thus requiring all citizens of that area to maintain similar housing designs regardless of the architects of Sri Lanka that they work with. Especially in areas like Galle and certain house plans kandy, this is seen quite often. 

However, a detached home constructed in an area with no such restrictions has limitless home designing freedom. You can choose to follow whichever house design and features you want based on your preferences. Of course, common factors like location, environment, weather conditions etc. should be taken into consideration. This will ensure that the house plan you draw and the house you build lasts long enough to even be passed down for generations. 


A single house plan
A single house plan

When constructing your home you can either go all out or limit things beyond normal ranges because of budget concerns. But in some countries, the state is strictly involved to ensure minimum standards are maintained in every home that is being built. This fortifies a spacious environment is created for sustainable living in the entire society. It also leads to people not being coerced into living in cramped up underground basements like parasites!

In the USA, depending on the State you are constructing your home in, the laws that apply to house plans and house designs vary. A traditional home according to minimum standards should have at least one livable room with space for a closet and a window (regardless of style and size). 

But in Sri Lanka, many seek for at least 2 bedroom houses with a bathroom and a considerable amount of yard space. While 1 bedroom living spaces are used temporarily and usually found as boarding rooms or rooms for rent.

Overall a single modern home plan would include a minimum of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, a living room welcoming guests at the entrance and perhaps a tiny gardening space.  

Duplex / Semi-Detached Homes

duplex house plan
Duplexes unlike any other!

Contemporary house plans or house design plan pictures for semi-detached or duplex homes show houses built side by side or in two stories. The space offered in these are comparatively huge than a detached or single home as well. Duplex homes are ideal for those with a large number of family members. This is because they are capable of occupying everyone and everything while still having plenty of walking space. 

A unique feature in these homes and house plans is that most of them are built mirroring or twining the other. So you wouldn’t find much of a difference between the two units, their exterior house design and in some cases, interior home design too. 

Duplex house plans Sri Lanka that has been constructed side by side, have an advantage of using one unit as an additional source of income by renting. The second unit could also be used as an independent office space to enhance working from home even better. This method may result in tax reductions and fees depending on where you are from and the laws imposed. 


Duplex / Semi-detached house plan
Duplex / Semi-detached house plan

The number of rooms and space within a duplex that could be included
in the house plan may vary depending on the size of the plot of land. Due to this many choose to construct a duplex if only there is an abundance in space. But the hidden secret behind a duplex is that unlike a single house plan Sri Lanka, you can go higher. All that matters is a strong foundation being laid. Even a 6 or 7 perch land could be used to construct a spacious duplex with more than 3 rooms in the house plan. 

Accordingly, a smartly designed semi-detached home could contain a minimum of 5 rooms including 2 children’s rooms, a master bedroom, a guest room and a linen room that could also be used as a maid’s room, 3 bathrooms, an L shaped veranda with a small house garden design area and parking for 2. Using height as your hidden weapon when working on the home design is one of the greatest tricks to create a spacious look for a duplex. So don’t give up on the duplex of your dreams anytime soon! 

Triplex / Terraced Homes

Terraced homes
Terraced homes have the liberty in expanding rooms and amenities up to the numbers present in small apartments

Similar to a duplex but one unit more in number is a triplex or terraced home. These homes share side walls and are often mirror images or identical houses of the initial unit. Some of these might also be built by combining a two-storied semi-detached house. In other words, they have two floors and are 3 in design or number. When they are built in a row next to each other, the first and last of these houses are known as the end terrace. 

However, unlike with a detached or single home, here outdoor space is largely limited for obvious reasons. Hence, they are also comparatively cheaper in price than the previous two.


Triplex / Terraced house plan
Triplex / Terraced house plan

The total number of bedrooms included a house plan of a triplex could go up to 6 or 9 depending on the design. However, since this is usually a repetition of the ground floor in terms of structure, a contrastingly huge difference in space or design may not be seen. Yet it may be arranged in different ways if they’ve been built one floor over the other than side by side. 

A triplex may also include a minimum 5 or 6 bathrooms and bathrooms fittings, large living space, small front yard (depending on the location), parking, a spacious kitchen to fit in the latest kitchen items and a patio (if backdoor space is available) in its house plans. More extra rooms may also be included after taking the plot size and location into consideration. 

Factors to consider when selecting a housing design 

Although there is a variety of housing designs to choose from when building a home of your own, you need to be practical. So here is a list of things to consider when selecting a housing design. 


The life one family or person lives is always different from another. What they expect from their homes and the amenities they would require may vary too. Considering such practical concerns and designing a small house plan that fits will ensure that the house you live in supports and eases your day to day life. Ask yourself; 

Are you someone who works from home? 

Do gaming and working out occupy a big part of your daily routine? 

Imagine yourself living in the house built according to the small house plan. This will help you identify what works, what doesn’t and what is needed. Consequently, you would be able to construct a house plan that is not only luxurious and comforting but practical too.

After all, once you have invested a lot and found movers in Sri Lanka to move your belongings into the new home if it doesn’t contribute to the lifestyle you live, it is never going to be a worthy one!

The property and budget

When designing a house plan, factors like the direction the sun faces, privacy and the budget should always be a priority. This is because they have a much greater impact on your final home than you could ever imagine. 

Costs that may be incurred in future

For example, a house built by house builders in Sri Lanka in the opposite direction that the sun faces would have to bear high electricity costs, lighting outlets etc. Thus increasing costs further in future too. However, had it been positioned right from the beginning these inconveniences could have been avoided. Thus saving you from sky-high bills.  

Focus on the basic structure

When most people work on designing house design plans, what they focus on is the interior designing aspect. They picture how they can include different high-end designs and aspects that are commonly seen all over the internet. But what you should be doing is considering the basic structure of the house in general.

In other words, your modern house designs should be practical. It may include new home designs, architectural styles and house interior design. But if there is no proper living space it serves no purpose to anyone. Therefore, the number of rooms – depending on the family members, the purpose of different rooms depending on the lifestyle you live, balconies, gardening space etc. should be thought out carefully when drawing initial home plans.

Even if you design the perfectly structured small house plan, there is a potential for damage and the need for renovations. Therefore, it is necessary to budget possible maintenance costs and be practical when designing a small home design. Sure, it is a great idea to test out-of-the-box new house designs in Sri Lanka on paper. But when they are put into practice they may conflict against reality.

The land 

The land that you decide to build your home in impacts the value of it as well. A house built in a sloppy mangrove with no foot traffic at all has no value in such case. Even if it is surrounded by the best views it will affect the entire foundation of the house. Despite however much, you incur on constructing and designing it, due to its location and quality it would be of no value to anyone. 

In Sri Lanka a common area that has the highest land value and large demand is Colombo. At current, the average land price of this city varies between 30 – 50M. Meanwhile, in other cities, the range is between 20 – 40M. This is a result of the high demand Colombo has in addition to the abundance in facilities available here. 

Documents required in the process of building the house of your dreams in Sri Lanka

Depending on the area that you reside in and the type of application that you are seeking to obtain approval for your home design plan with photos, your local authority may demand a specific set of documentation. However, if the area has been declared as an urban development area and is regulated by the Urban Development Authority Act No. 41 of 1978, the documentation and application would have to be submitted to the Urban Development Authority (UDA).

The following is a list of primary documents that may be required to be submitted in the process.

  1. The plans of the site including drawings, site/layout maps and site location maps
  2. The building plan to be approved along with 3 copies of the original modern house plan
  3. Supporting documentation
  4. Ownership certificate/copy of the relevant deed
  5. Completed application form – Could be obtained from Pradeshiya Sabha office, Municipal Council, Urban Council or UDA.
  6. Application fee / Receipt of payment

Other documents that may also be required to be submitted in the process are;

  1. Approved subdivision/amalgamation plan, permit or approved building or floor plan, development permit or original survey plan for site existence from surveyed prepared before 1999/07/29
  2. A copy of the owner’s / representative (if submitted by a representative of the owner) National Identity Card
  3. Certified copies of deeds with relevant survey plans and documents
  4. Certified copy of Pedigree
  5. Traffic Impact Assessment report
  6. An affidavit certifying that all documents submitted by the owner or developer along with the application are true and accurate.
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