What Luxury Home Buyers Are Looking For in Their Homes

The homebuyer market has different customers. Some have a budget, some are focused more on luxury home designs and others are fine with just about anything. But what about luxury buyers? Which category do you think they fall into? 

The most obvious thing that makes luxury buyers different from ordinary buyers is their budget. Besides this, the priory they give to details like exclusivity, uniqueness, status and quality also sets them apart from a normal buyer. With homebuyers, this category of customers have a specific set of factors that they care the most about. 

As a house construction company or developer, knowing what these buyers are looking for will help you tap into this niche market and design homes that will attract such buyers. 

So what are they looking for?


Location is a factor that all buyers prioritize when purchasing a house. But the difference between luxury buyers and an ordinary buyer is their purpose. What’s most important to an ordinary buyer with the location is how fast they can get to work, how long they will have to spend travelling, how conveniently everything is located and how safe the neighborhood is. 

But for luxury buyers while these factors matter to a certain limit, what’s most important for them is privacy. Being able to enjoy the peace at home without being disturbed by the neighbors or the traffic outside is a luxury that can mostly be enjoyed only if you are living in an area with a few people. You could also enjoy this kind of privacy if the square footage of your land is large enough for a house and a wide yard. But these come at quite the cost. 


The more space you have, the more liberty you have in designing your home interior the way you want. More space also means a bigger home, and like always that comes at a larger price. For ordinary buyers, space is a factor that they can compromise to a certain limit in return for a good price in a good location. But with luxury buyers this isn’t the same. Since budget is not an issue for them, space will always be a big priority. 


Uniqueness and modernness are key factors that luxury buyers crave. It differentiates them from the ordinary buyer and allows them to experiment with different designs and details. This is also why luxury buyers are always the first to adapt to the changing trends. 

Open concept floor plans and monochrome themed home interior design are two of the most common trends that luxury buyers were the first to incorporate into their luxury home designs. For example, Kim Kardashian’s home is famous for its simplicity despite its size. The house is not only monochrome themed but has no definite separation for each room. 

Homes of luxury buyers are also upgraded with smart devices that complement smart living and make life much easier. 

Supporting lifestyle 

Whether the family is just 2 members or 4 members, luxury buyers put a lot of thought into the number of rooms and the space in their luxury home designs. Because of this, you’ll find homes of luxury buyers being designed with more than just 3 to 4 rooms. From extra guest rooms to a study room and maybe even an entertainment room, you’ll find a variety and none of these lack space either. 

Amazing outdoors 

As much as luxury buyers love the large concrete homes and mansions, they also emphasize a lot in finding a balance between this and greenery. The more greenery and nature that a house is surrounded by, the more the home becomes a relaxing space. It’s also quite common that they invest a lot in landscaping and outdoor gardening. 

If you are trying to find inspiration to build your own house based on what luxury buyers are looking for or trying to construct a place that will attract such buyers, now you know what to focus on. 

But remember that luxury buyers aren’t so different from ordinary buyers. They might have different principles and different limits to their spending, but what everyone wants at the end of the day is a place to call home sweet home. 

Posted Date: 9th June 2021

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