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    Coconut Lands in Sri Lanka

    With Sri Lanka being an island, coconut or king coconut is not something that is rare, nor is it unavailable. In fact, with coconut there is even a dedicated coconut triangle that is famously connecting 3 areas in the country; they are Kurunegala, Gampaha and Puttalam. Coconut in an island is almost a common sight, however, just like any other plant, growing coconuts also requires special soil conditions, temperature levels, etc. In Sri Lanka, the coconut land available for sale to cultivate coconut is ideally found in the coastal areas. Since the island is also located closer to the equator, temperature requirements of growing coconuts are met perfectly between the ranges of 20 ° to 32°C in these areas. 

    When selecting a plot for coconut plantations, besides factors like the temperature and soil conditions, it is also essential that you consider the location. Despite being in the same coastal area, not all lands are suitable for coconut farms. That is why we recommend you talk to your agent or the previous owner and find out all that you need to know on the soil and area. Ideally, an area where cultivation of coconuts is already taking place is the most suitable location. You can skip the entire process of prepping the soil for cultivation and straight away get to planting. 

    Like looking for property suitable for a business, coconut land selection should also be done after careful recommendations from trusted agents. The effort, time and money that you invest in planting crops cannot be measured in just monetary terms. Like how an investment in a business and its opportunity cost is huge, losing your investment in the plantation because of your poor initial decisions could cause huge losses. So talk to expert agents and fellow farmers before selecting a plot in any area. You could also consider visiting with an expert if it is your first time so that they know what to look for when you don’t.