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Sri Lanka Real Estate Market Outlook 2023

The ‘Market Outlook Report 2023’ published by the research team at LankaPropertyWeb (LPW) contains a complete analysis of the residential, commercial and land sales market analysis and also an outlook for 2023.

House Price Index

House Price Index

Sri Lanka Overall Prices For Q4

Type Average Price
(Since last year)
Sri Lanka Overall House Sale price 62.70 million 3.00%
Sri Lanka Overall Apartment Sale price 79.08 million 7.00%

Land Price Index

Land Price Index (Based year 2018)

Sri Lanka Land Prices For Q4 2023

Type Average Price
(Since last year)
Sri Lanka Overall Residential Land price 1.83 million Per perch 3.83%
Colombo 1-15 Residential Land price 12.61 million Per perch 2.93%
Western Province (apart from Colombo city) Residential Land price 1.40 million Per perch 7.86%
Sri Lanka Overall Tea Land price 5.34 million Per acre 25.66%
Sri Lanka Overall Coconut Land price 7.03 million Per acre 0.71%

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The Online Property Price Indicator (OPPI) is a statistical model that uses information from the properties advertised on Lanka Property Web to provide an indicative estimate of the current market value of a residential or commercial property. The model is based on the properties advertised on our site, which may not reflect the specific circumstances of your property.

The OPPI is not a registered valuer and cannot be relied on for the purpose of buying or selling a property. Prices within the area will have their own variances, such as property close to main roads or junctions being expensive and above average. If you wish to obtain more accurate prices for your property or neighborhood prices, then you should view ‘Properties for sale’ listings for that area, check with an estate agent or a registered valuer in your area.

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  • Using our expertise and access to years' of data, we can conduct Market Research, Feasibility analysis and advisory to help you identify the feasibility and market demand for your new project or get market information for investment purposes.
  • Sri Lanka's largest real estate project and China's largest developer are among the companies we've done research for.

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