gets a facelift in becoming Mobile Responsive

Sri Lanka’s leading property website has unveiled their brand new website which is designed to work responsively by way of self-optimising itself to fit multiple screen sizes.

This provides a seamlessly rich user experience for the excess of 2.5 million mobile internet users in Sri Lanka (57% of total internet users) who are now equipped with a range of innovative tools to aid their Online Real Estate search.

In operation for 9 years as the undisputed market leader in the Online Real Estate Market in Sri Lanka, LankaPropertyWeb allows the posting of ads for free, which is a unique feature that has enabled the site to maintain its competitive edge over the years.

With over 150,000 ads published on the site thus far, and propelled by the evolution of the internet usage among Sri Lankans, the site currently receives over 4.5 million monthly page views, the highest number of visits for a property website in Sri Lanka.

With a consistent injection of investments to grow these numbers, The Company is confident of exponential growth in 2016. Founder and Managing Director Daham Gunaratna attributes this to the launch of the mobile responsive site, introduction of phone apps along with a host of other services that will strengthen the site’s online and offline presence.

In addition to the new responsive design, the following features have been introduced to the revamped site:

  • Find properties nearby: LankaPropertyWeb has already mapped over 15,000 locations across Sri Lanka enabling the site to depict accurate property listings, thus allowing the user to find properties nearby using the device’s GPS technology
  • Expand search radius: expansion of the search radius to discover properties around the user’s chosen location
  • Prominent search options and key data: Search options are now more prominent and intuitive. As such property listings now contain larger images hence easier and quicker to find the key information about a chosen property
  • Share property links via WhatsApp and Viber, directly from the website
  • Show property on Google Street View: the first Sri Lankan website to facilitate this option

Commenting on the launch of the new site, Mr. Gunaratna stated “We are dedicated to providing the latest technological advancements for users to easily find and sell their properties online. Since 2007 Lanka Property Web has pioneered innovation in the Sri Lankan Online Real Estate Industry and taking that vision forward, we have unveiled the latest technology to the Sri Lankan property market. With mobile becoming the dominant medium of internet access in Sri Lanka, our site has been fully optimised to give those users the best user experience that they can get”.

According to Mr. Gunaratna, the site’s growing international base of users is a result of its prominent position among Google search results.  “We hold most of the top Google rankings among keywords associated with property and Sri Lanka, as Google searches remain to be one of the most dominant methods in which overseas residents find properties in Sri Lanka. Google suggests that there are around 3 million searches a month related to property in Sri Lanka and our site comes as the top result on most of these searches”, he stated.

Furthermore with a significant margin of users, listed properties and website visitors ahead of its competition, LankaPropertyWeb is well on its way to maintaining its competitive edge, whilst approaching its decade of service excellence.

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