Real Estate – Best Investment Option

JPKL Tower had completed two projects at No-02B (“The Mount Melody” apartment) and No-08 (“The Mount Breeze” apartment), Sripala Road, Mount Lavinia. JPKL Tower had obtained deeds and COC for the 1st project within 3 months after completion of the project.

JPKL Tower planned to complete it’s 3rd project, “Sea Breeze” apartment @ No – 59, Moor Road, Wellawatte by the end of December 2018.  JPKL Tower introduced duplex apartment concept for this project.

There are many upcoming projects in Colombo and Mount Lavinia areas by JPKL group. Aston Residency @ No –05, Athula Place, Colombo – 05 and Adria Condo @ No-09 & 11, De Alwis Avenue, Mount Lavinia will be   two upcoming very attractive luxury projects with swimming pool and Gym by JPKL Tower.

Presently stock market investment is not very attractive due to the current country situation. Return from fixed deposit is stable but does not maximize the investment potential since inflation is high in Sri Lanka.

Real estate is a good investment compared to the other investment options for the following reasons

1)      It provides a stable income:

 Mount Lavinia and Colombo are two prime locations in the Colombo district. High stable rental income is guaranteed. 

2)      Real estate always appreciate in value over time:

 Everybody can observe the steady price increase of the real estate in Greater Colombo areas for the last few years.

3)      Real estate investment is less risky compared to most of the other forms of investments.

4)      It gives the pride of ownership:

Definitely owner of an apartment in Colombo and suburb areas will enhance the pride of any individual.

5)      Convenience locations:

Colombo and Mount Lavinia are very convenient locations with all facilities such as popular schools, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, temples, banks and many more.

6)      Tendency of people:

People has the tendency to move towards the capital city, Colombo by seeking employment and other facilities such as education, medical facilities etc.

7)      Marine Drive:

Sri Lankan government already planned to extend the Marine Drive up to Moratuwa. After the success laying the Marine Drive up to Mount Lavinia, land prices of Mount Lavinia will go up tremendously.

8)      Tourist Destinations :

Mount Lavinia is one of the popular tourist destinations is Sri Lanka. Tourism industry is booming in Sri Lanka recently. Many more employment opportunities will be created due to this reason.

JPKL Tower offers luxury residential apartments at reasonable prices in Colombo and Suburbs. Please contact us for further details at 076 833 9933 or 076 800 9933

Posted Date: 13th June 2018

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