Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents: How Effectively Are You Using the Social Platforms?

7.8 billion people in the world and of them 3.6 billion are social media users. 

This is how powerful and popular social media is in today’s day and age. Since we live in a society that is dominated by likes, shares and comments, being active on social media is all the rage these days. It has also made the platforms become some of the most powerful tools to advertise any brand to a large audience for a low cost.

 Social media marketing is a way for businesses to reach different customers in different locations by creating and sharing content on a range of different social media platforms. From creating videos to posting images, memes and regular updates that drive engagement, it can be used as a paid advertising platform as well. Social media is also a great way to create a strong brand name and reputation for your business and connect with customers directly. 

If you ever happen to go viral on these platforms, then it’s an even greater opportunity for your business. You will get the hype you are looking for, from around the world, for a cost that may be positive or negative. So making use of it to its maximum potential in the most fruitful way is your best bet at succeeding in marketing today. 

With property agents in Sri Lanka, social media marketing for real estate has opened up gateways on different platforms with unlimited potential. 

Facebook for real estate agents

social media marketing for real estate

Since being introduced in 2004, Facebook has come a long way from just being a platform for people to connect. It has become one of the most powerful advertising platforms for brands to reach a wider customer base and an effective platform for small scale businesses to boost sales. 

With its highly developed algorithm and internal database, Facebook allows businesses to target their audience specifically and display their ads to interested individuals. It studies the users’ behavioural patterns on the platform and recommends specific content on their feed. For businesses, this means that even though they aren’t directly interacting with a customer or that customer hasn’t been searching for their brand, their content can still appear on their feeds. 

As a real estate specialist, LankaPropertyWeb offers this feature for its customers with specifically targeted social media remarketing strategies that are customised for each client. Through this, even the clients who are inexperienced or unaware of targeting the right customers can get easy access to potential leads.  

The ability to use images in your promotions is another brilliant method of capturing interest from potential customers. Through cleverly written content and eye-catching designs, there is no way you can lose out on any potential customer. 

When a business page is created on Facebook, you can customise it in a way where clients can easily reach you through messenger or be directed to your website, book an appointment and provide reviews. This opens opportunities for both parties to communicate and negotiate directly without being restricted by geographical barriers. 

Because of this and the availability of information, users are also used to a trend of checking out what others have to say about a business by their reading reviews. So the more positive reviews you have, the higher the chance you can secure new clients. 

YouTube for real estate agents

social media marketing for real estate

YouTube is the next largest search engine after Google. People visit this platform to watch videos for entertainment, learn about new things and interact with the wide online community. Unlike TikTok, YouTube has been a popular platform over the years. It has also created YouTube stars of its own and has become the go-to place for people looking for information on literally anything. 

Today there are over 30 million daily active users on the platform and over 1 billion videos are watched every single day. As a real estate agent, this is a huge opportunity to make use of to showcase your properties and expertise in the industry. Through advertising on YouTube you will be able to reach a large number of people and establish your brand among the wider online community. You can also create customized campaigns with niche advertising to a specific target audience, making your ads appear on similar videos. 

YouTube has its own algorithm based system that recommends videos on people’s feed based on their interests and views like most social platforms. To make use of this upload content to your own channel and make sure to tag them right. The more views and subscribers you gain, the more you will be able to monetize your videos too! 

LinkedIn for real estate agents

social media marketing for real estate

Despite being known as a professional platform for career development and job opportunities, LinkedIn has also grown as a niche advertising platform. Through LinkedIn, you can further narrow down your target audience and make your promotions available to a specific crowd based on purchasing power. This increases the possibilities of securing sales even more. 

For real estate agents, this is a great place to connect with fellow agents and learn more about the different methods used to advertise property and the approaches taken by them. Since it is a platform where industry specific knowledge is being shared, it is a great platform to upgrade on a variety of skills you’ll need when selling property. 

Start by setting up a company page and share information on your property portfolio. LinkedIn is all about sharing information and learning through each other, so the more insights and tips you share, the more exposure you gain on the platform. 

Instagram for real estate agents 

social media marketing for real estate

If there was ever a platform that captures and enhances the beauty of even the simplest image, then that would be Instagram. With Instagram filters, stories and hashtags, there is unlimited potential in reaching clients regardless of the business you are operating. That is why now most businesses are creating their own pages on this platform and uploading constant updates of their products or services. 

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms designed specifically for posting images. The general population on Instagram are GenZs and millennials, some of whom have become famous influencers on the platform. These individuals promote products through brand partnerships and upload images of them for their wider online follower base. However, this strategy of influencer marketing can be applicable for only selected businesses. 

With real estate, advertising by posting high quality images, providing live updates and designing specific stickers and stories are one of the most successful strategies to make use of. On a broad scale, real estate is all about property and what better way is there to advertise these than posting images of it. 

In fact, Instagram has shown high potential in social media marketing for real estate agents. Similar to Facebook, this platform also allows you to conduct target specific advertising campaigns that generate high leads. 

TikTok for real estate agents

social media marketing for real estate

TikTok is all that everyone can talk about these days. Since being introduced in China and gaining an unexpected hype in 2016, now this platform is more than just posting dance challenges. But with social media marketing for real estate the features on TikTok are limited to certain countries. Still, it is freely available for you to create your own business profile and showcase your properties, while increasing your chances of going viral as well.  

At present, there are over 1 billion monthly active users on TikTok and it has become a social media platform that has led to the rise of many influencers today. These influencers, in turn, have become the face of different advertising campaigns that even go beyond this platform. It has also become a platform where people share tips and tricks in short 60 second videos and have created a larger follower base and interest for these. 

As a real estate agent, TikTok is a great platform to make use of to build your online base. You could film yourself providing tips related to advertising, showcase different open house showings, and share other real estate related content. 

Social media marketing for real estate is unlike any other traditional medium of advertising. There is no geographical limitation to its reach nor is there a limit for what you can and cannot post. In fact, the opportunities are endless. What matters is how effectively you use it! 

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Posted Date: 29th April 2021

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