Container Homes in Sri Lanka Are The New Housing Trend Here to Stay

From caves to treehouses, 2 storied houses and luxury apartments, housing has developed in different ways over the years. The choice of housing may vary between renting or purchasing one on sale depending on budget, need, time, location, etc. The design expectations of these homes—such as whether it will be built like a regular house you’d see in Kandy or a container home in Sri Lanka, will also differ between individuals and families. Those with a small family or those living solo find affordable housing with just enough space to accommodate everyone. While those with a larger number of members or higher budgets prefer bigger and spacious houses. 

Regardless of this, the investment you make on these properties ultimately decides the type of home you’ll be living in. And now with rising material prices, limited space and other practical considerations, the trend of living in a container home has slowly taken over the Sri Lankan market. While it is still in its infancy in the country, this type of housing is quite famous in many nations abroad. Many of these cargo homes range from affordable to luxurious and are even used in the construction of ski resorts, hotels, vacation homes and more. 

A container home is a house built from recycled shipping containers that offer a budget-friendly housing option instead of having to build a structure from scratch after hiring a house builder in Sri Lanka or buying a house for sale in Colombo. It is quite eco-friendly as well given that all you have to do once you purchase a container home in Sri Lanka is install and decorate it. This saves time when you are looking to construct a house fast. 

Most containers have a height ranging between 20×8 ft or 40×8 ft. When they are combined together, they can be used to create a house similar to one with 2-3 stories or be used singly like a one story home. 

container house design plans in Sri Lanka

Is it safe to live in a container home in Sri Lanka? 

Container homes are no different from ordinary houses except for the material that they are built with. They provide a high level of security, withstand natural disasters better and are free of human intrusions. Because of this, they can be considered quite safe to live in. In fact, there are many benefits you can enjoy living in a container home yourself. 

  • Higher durability

A home made using containers is certainly budget friendly, but that doesn’t mean it compromises on quality. When compared with an ordinary house made from bricks and stones, a container home in Sri Lanka offers a living space that is made of steel and highly durable. You won’t find yourself having to worry about cracks or break-ins in a home made from this material. 

These steel homes also provide convenience in designing letting you create a homely space exactly the way you want. You could readjust the windows and sliding doors depending on how much sunlight exposure you are looking for, fit in special flooring material, use air conditioning smartly to balance out the costs and even install special lighting to brighten up the place during the night. 

If a home like this is built smartly and effectively, it may even last much longer than an ordinary house. 

  • Customizable 

There is a misconception among many that a container house means inflexibility in terms of designing and decorating. But in reality it is quite the opposite. The doors and windows installed into the container can be adjusted, personalized touches such as adding solar panels, combining wooden pallets for an aesthetically pleasing look, bohemian decor and other fancy installments can be incorporated into the final container house design. 

  • Cost-effective

Most suppliers of used container houses for sale in Sri Lanka also provide the service of combining these together to create the dream home look you’re going for. Their prices may vary depending on your requirements and they may even suggest different house plans that could be incorporated into this home you’re building in Sri Lanka. However, if you are purchasing one right off, then you might find container homes for sale for an average price of LKR 65M on an 8-acre land in Dambulla with magnificent views.

For container offices, the costs are generally above LKR 1Mn and you have the freedom to design it the way you want. They are also ideal to run a mobile food truck/restaurant or cafe while serving an aesthetically pleasing and modern look.

How are container homes built? 

Think of containers like Lego. You can stack them any way you want, anywhere you want and in any place you want. Depending on how they are arranged, it then takes on its shape or design. 

For example, the image below is called the Joshua Tree Residence located in the Californian desert. The containers used to create it have been arranged in a way that resembles a starburst. Amidst the sandy desert, the white structures stand out so much that they have attracted much attention from not just the locals but the entire world. 

container homes
Joshua Tree Residence (Credit: Whitaker Studio)

Single bedroom container homes in Sri Lanka will feature a living and pantry area made using two 20ft containers. A luxurious touch can be added to it with vinyl flooring, LED lights, tiled floors and more. However, if it is a 2 storied house, the features you can incorporate will broaden too. An example of it would be including 4 bedrooms, attached bathrooms and large living rooms. 

Overall, the more luxurious you want the home to be, the more containers you’ll need to combine. You also have the option of creating a hybrid container home in Sri Lanka that combines both a concrete home and a container.

Schedule a meeting with a container home designer in Sri Lanka and find out about the options available for you. Discuss based on budget, practicality and other concerns you may have in the building and living process to find the ideal one for you. 

Do shipping container homes have a good return on investment? 

Unlike most people’s assumptions, a container home does in fact have a return.  

Because of the mobility of this type of home, you can literally build and rent out a container home anywhere. If you target a tourist location, then the turnover is much higher for a cost considerably lower. These homes also have a high resale value and the portability it offers is a highly preferred feature.

Simply put, when you are not renting out a location you can name your second home—at the beach, in the mountains, or somewhere else you enjoy—you can extract that valuable value. Most owners can’t afford to rent out their holiday house without making some money, thus offering short-term rentals allows you to live out your dream of owning a vacation home.

What matters the most when investing in a container home in Sri Lanka is the location—be it between Colombo 1 to 15 or towns such as Kandy—and the interior features and fittings. Besides this, aesthetics also play a role. Find the best ones from the best suppliers and build the container home of your dreams! 

Posted Date: 17th February 2022

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