Slay Christmas with these Amazing Christmas Decoration Tips for your Home

The holiday season; a season of joy, a season of giving and a season of ULTIMATE DECORATING! 

As the snow drapes the streets with its cold blanket turning every place you set your eyes on into a winter wonderland (except for in the tropical countries of course), Christmas is a season much anticipated by people of all ages. In remembrance of the day Jesus was born, this festival is one of the many special Christian holidays.  

Christmas is also the best season to bring out the inner designer in you with amazing Christmas decorations.

From the creative wreaths to the lit Christmas tree and string lights, designing and decorating takes a whole other level during this month. 

So for those wondering ‘How to decorate your house for Christmas?’ here are a few decorating ideas you could use to upscale your Christmas house decorations to the next level!

Presenting is decorating

Create magic with your centrepieces and cutlery

Browsing through the internet you might come across all sorts of ideas to choose from, for your decorations. However when you lookup specifically for ‘What are some ideas for Christmas decorations?’ the list of things that follow may range from a white themed Christmas to a rustic Christmas with nature and wood.

Nonetheless, what you should know is despite the style you choose, starting from the service apartments in Colombo that you are staying at to the yard land (if you live in a house) and the food, aesthetics, and presentation plays a big part. You could have a less selection of Christmas decorations than your neighbour or store-bought food laid out on the table, but if you know how to present them well, nailing the season like a pro is a piece of cake.

Use a tiered platter to place the food in, to create an illusion of height. Mix and match the colours of the cutlery to the food that you place in them, to add vibrant shades to the red and green theme. 

Overall try to create a story with every piece of decor that you incorporate. Even if it only a simple pine decor or fancy folded napkins, work to connect them together. This way even if you don’t necessarily stick to a particular theme or particular colours, you are still complimenting every element in its own way.

Bring your personality to your decor

Let the inner you shine with every ornamental piece

While Christmas is the season of remembrance, love, and joy, it also brings out the competitive streak in most people. It’s almost funny how neighbours and friends compete to upscale decor! It shouldn’t matter if your neighbour is going all out with their decor with a pre lit reindeer and a sky-high Christmas tree in their front yard. Instead what you should be doing is keeping things true to yourself.

Try Christmas decorations DIY that are simple, easy and budget-friendly. DIY shouldn’t only be limited to Christmas cards and crackers. Using them in your home decor is also a great way of showing your personality and the Christmas spirit more genuinely. Ask yourself ‘what are some popular Christmas decorations?’ and think of how you can incorporate them into your decor by customizing it the way you want. Start off with simple wreaths to snowflakes, stockings, and centerpieces and work your way to the top!

The outdoors matter too

Spread the Christmas joy to the outdoors and everyone that passes by!

If someone were to ever ask ‘What are the most popular Christmas decoration colours?’ The obvious answer would be green and red. They are the most used shades especially during this season when decorating the insides of a home. However, just as the interior gets a makeover, the outdoors too should be added to your decorating schedule. You can’t have someone walking through an absolute mess of overgrown weeds and an unkempt lawn just to be welcomed into a ‘fairly land’ on the inside. That is just not right in every design sense! 

So start working on outdoor Christmas decorating. 

To keep things simple you could either wrap fairy lights around the trees and their branches or have multicoloured Christmas lights draped on the borders of your roof. If you want to take it a few notches high, you could go all out with lit wire displays of Santa’s sleigh, a Christmas tree and even Santa Claus himself!

Pop colours are the attention grabbers

Go Bold and Red

Mixing in bold shade Christmas decorations to a neutral or white themed living room is a great way to overcome your detailing efforts going unrecognised. When things are too white and silver, what you want to highlight never gets its time in the spotlight. But by using such vibrant colours making them stand out isn’t that hard.

The Christmas tree is another detail that cannot be missed during this season even in the smallest of houses built to limited space house plans. Because of its obvious significance, people think of different ways they can use to highlight this tree in a unique and personalized way. 

”Christmas tree… oh Christmas tree…’

‘What are your favourite ideas for decorating a Christmas tree?’

For many, a star on the top, fairy lights, ornaments, and garlands are the go-to decor when it comes to this question. But bringing each piece out and creating a statement of its own; that is where the fun begins!

Work on it. This way every piece of your holiday decoration stands out and creates the magnificent final look you’re going for. 

Minimalism is chic 

The Chic and Elegance of Simplicity

As fun and fascinating as it is to go all out with your Christmas decoration ideas, sometimes minimalism is the best too. Keeping things simple and chic adds a touch of elegance and class unlike any other. 

Interesting centrepieces, candles or flower displays are in fact more than enough to stay in line with the popular Christmas decorations. Include such detailing and add the much needed ‘wow factor’ to your home

Christmas day is about family and joy. So don’t let the holiday cheer centre too much around how you can top another’s decor or how tall and fancy your tree is. As great as it is to decorate, embrace the time you spend with your family too. Revisit old memories and bond with everyone you have or haven’t seen over the past year and celebrate this Christmas with all those you hold dear!

We wish you a Merry Christmas from Lanka Property Web &

Posted Date: 18th December 2019

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