Apartments for rent in Colombo (3099 properties)

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    Apartments for rent in colombo 

    As far as the best cities to live in Sri Lanka are considered, the country’s financial capital wins the competition with ease. Its natural beauty, high quality of life along with the culture-filled road, and high demand for properties for rent in Colombo, including apartments for rent in Colombo, this city is a great place for residential and commercial purposes. As such, it is safe to say that the city of Colombo provides some of the best property addresses including Colombo apartments; apartments for monthly rent, daily rent, and fully furnished apartments near Galle face and around the Galle road. 

    Some of the most renowned of such addresses are located at the heart of Kollupitiya and Bambalapitiya, which are well known for the striking residential and commercial lands for sale in Colombo that are not seen anywhere else in the country. Whether you are a first-time property hunter looking for short term apartments for rent in Colombo, Sri Lanka or an experienced real estate investor with a client looking for a one bedroom apartment for rent in Colombo, your options are limitless. If you are going for the more affordable, find one room apartments for rent in Colombo or studio apartments would suffice over luxury apartments in colombo. Be it rooms for rent in Colombo, or houses for rent in Colombo, numerous international as well as local developers, such as the Prime Group, are constructing luxury furnished residential properties as a solution for the fast decreasing living space here. 

    Before moving into an apartment for rent, service apartments in colombo sri lanka or apartments for sale in Colombo, the biggest worry is that it will be too congested with less square feet for living and of course, the lack of garden space and privacy. As for space, most serviced apartments in Colombo for rent here look like your average house in terms of space. As a result, vertical properties here offer easy access to at least one furnished a/c bedroom, a swimming pool (indoor or public), a ground floor, spacious living dining area, attached bathroom, common bathroom, en suite with hot water, play areas, and sports complexes. All properties are well insulated and soundproof, in order to protect the long term privacy of its occupants.