How To Make Moving Easier

As exciting as it is to move from one place to another in Sri Lanka or wherever you are from, the hassle that you have to bear is equally exhausting when finding a house movers. You need to make sure that you pack everything and have them sealed in a way where nothing is damaged while being transported or before selecting the right movers/house movers. You also need to be particular about the cost that you would have to incur while moving or when looking for a moving quote. So here are some tips you could use to make your move easier! 

1. Make a list

Make a list and check it out!

Making a list of what you should be taking along with you and what you should be absolutely particular of when packing, certainly comes in handy to make your moving day easier. This way you would know exactly what you need to carry with you.  Thus being able to easily check them out from the list-making sure that you don’t end up leaving anything behind! So whether you are calling in for offers by moving companies or moving experts to help you out in the moving process, take some time and make a list of all those that you should be packing up before you move!

2. Leave or donate

Leave them behind or donate for a good cause

Your new home is a new start so don’t bring the old and unwanted baggage along with you. Instead, sort out what you need and leave the rest behind. This applies to certain household goods too. You have the option of donating things as well. Getting rid of clothes, old furniture, and fittings, toys and whatnot will further reduce the load that you have to carry. This, in turn, would reduce the space requirements you would have to look for when booking long-distance moving services. Remember lesser loads mean lesser moving costs, so be smart!

3. The ‘Open first’ box

Set aside an ‘Open First Box’ with absolute essentials

When you are packing things, it is natural to use boxes. However, you wouldn’t know what is in them unless you open them up, and this makes things messy. To reduce your work and make settling into your new home easier, make sure that you always label the boxes on the outside. You could include your contact information on them as well to be extra cautious with your belongings.

Set aside a separate ‘open first’ box and pack all the absolute essentials you would require to start over at your new home. Include personal belongings, bed sheets, blankets, etc. into it and make unpacking at the end of the day less tiresome for you!

4. Don’t load everything into the moving truck 

Loading doesn’t mean loading EVERYTHING!

Another factor that you need to be mindful of when moving is to not load everything into the moving truck, even if all the boxes have your personal information displayed. Sure you might be tempted to, especially when you notice even the smallest amount of extra space. However, when it comes to important documents, the ‘open first’ box, and fragile items, you might want to think again on this choice!

5. Select the right movers

Pick the right mover for a stress-less move

Getting good house movers is a big part of moving. You need to find those that not only meet your budget but are also quick and reliable in their services. So look for moving firms with some of the best customer service and reviews by previous clients and then sign up for a full service moving experience!

After all, moving shouldn’t only be about trying to reduce cost, but rather making sure that you get all your belongings transported in the safest way to exactly where you want!

6. Pack smart

Heavier things go into smaller boxes and lighter things go into bigger boxes

A mistake that many tend to make when packing their things into boxes is messing up the sizes. It is quite surprising that an assumption that heavier things ought to go into bigger boxes and the lighter ones should go into smaller boxes, has convinced people to pack things in this way. However, the truth is that doing so only makes carrying them harder. Instead, switch your heavier items into smaller and less spacious boxes and make moving and storage much easier than ever before! 

7. Finish packing before the big day 

Last day is for loading only!

The actual day you are moving should be the day where you only have to load things into the local moving truck or get them auto transported to your new place. In Sri Lanka, given the traffic congestion and busy days throughout the week, planning your moving day beforehand will certainly be beneficial! Once you have found the perfect day, call up the van line and get them to move your things. However, make sure you are done with all the packing that possibly needs to be done before this big day!

Moving is fun if you know how to make it work. It is an opportunity to find all those things that you thought you lost, and look back on the memories that were once stored behind closed doors. So think simple and pack smart to make your moving life easy! 

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