Top 5 Interior Designing Ideas Under the Budget

Have you always wanted to add a modern touch to your home yet find it absolutely difficult to fit that in to your limited designing budget? Well here are some under the budget interior designing ideas you could use to give your home a new look.

1. Using crown molding for ceilings

White crown molding blends with the bold blue shade to create an elegant touch

There is no better way to turn an ordinary home into a high end one than investing on some crown molding for your ceilings. Rather than simply leaving your ceiling as it is, you can add decorative crown molding for the ends to create a more expensive look. This is a detailing that certainly costs much less and ties the walls and ceilings together in the most interesting and perfect ways!

2. Selecting the right paint shades

A fusion of bold and neutrals balances the entire room’s outlook

The shades that you use to colour your walls have much more of an impact than you could ever imagine. While most people are afraid to try bold colours on their walls, others simply dive in to it. However, you always have the choice of going elegant with neutrals or adding a bop with bold. Do keep in mind though, that the colours (paints) you select need to match with your home space. If your house is small it is best to stick to neutrals and add colour through detailing!

3. Curtaining details is a must

Say ‘no more’ to rusted curtaining and switch to plastic rails

The first thing that anyone would notice in a home after they walk in through the doors is the living room decor and curtaining. Most often you might be able to easily make the living room decor work by adding personalized touches, however, the curtaining or window treatments are definitely a trick. Look into the latest designs and switch up your home space, to accommodate them. (Tip: Wooden curtain poles is the biggest trend right now!)

4. Installing mirrors

Mirrors are the definition of interior designing

Mirrors are a must have in interior designing. Whether you own a small space or large space, fitting an interesting mirror would certainly upscale it 10 times more. So look for interesting mirrors with unique shapes or borders, and find the ideal place for them in your home. (Tip: Place mirrors in areas where natural light falls the most in your home to create an illusion of a larger space!)

5. Accessorizing

Details, details everywhere!

It certainly doesn’t cost too much to accessorize your home, yet the effect it has is unbelievable. A tip to follow when accessorizing would be to use bold shades if you have painted your home in neutral. This way it adds a more interesting and modern touch to your home. Personalizing these also works best to add a more ‘homely’ vibe to your home sweet home!

It doesn’t take much to invest on some low budget interior designing tricks. But what you need to make sure is that you select the right details and tricks to dabble with!

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