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    Apartments for Sale in Kolonnawa

    One of the things that makes life in Kolonnawa such a unique experience is the high level of public amenities that are on offer for the residents who live here. At a glance, this may include typical facilities, such as facilities related to transportation, but can also include modern recreational amenities that contribute to the overall living standards of those who wish to settle down here. For example: If we consider the infrastructure that is available for transportation, we can see that this zone is connected with the rest of the country not only through common bus routes and highways but it is also connected through railroads, which is a rarity among most cities found here in Sri Lanka. As a result, this region has become a favourite among those who are on the lookout for residential properties, such as apartments for sale in Kolonnawa or a house for sale in Kolonnawa, which are offered for prices that are affordable for most middle-class buyers. 

    Nevertheless, if you are also a property hunter here, who is currently thinking about obtaining a commercial asset or a brand new luxury house, then consider some of the points mentioned below that might help you with your property decision. For a start, if you are looking for a place to live for the short term, but would also like to have a property that offers plenty of space and modern amenities, then consider going for an apartment for rent in Kolonnawa. Most of these vertical homes are newly built and comes with high-end facilities that can include rooms with attached bathrooms, spacious living rooms, fully tiled kitchens as well as secured parking to make your life easier. 

    Regardless, if you happen to be a small or medium scale investor who is also on the lookout for a suitable property for your investment, then you will discover that there are a couple of options available to you here. From all the cheapest are the lands for sale in Kolonnawa, which are surprisingly developed and comes with all essential facilities, such as pipe born water, paved road access and three-phase electricity that can be helpful with any construction built on top of such property. Apart from that, retail and professional office spaces close to Colombo city are also widely available here, and are offered for both buying and renting, for a price affordable for most small investors.

    Houses for Sale in Kolonnawa

    If life in Kolonnawa can be summed up in just three words, then we can say that it is a fun, exciting, but most importantly, a convenient location to both live and work. The reason why this region can be described in such a way has largely to do with its location as well as the impressive level of development that it has managed to receive for the past few decades. As such, when it comes to discovering houses for sale Kolonnawa is among the best in Sri Lanka. But, it doesn't stop there. If you’re looking for a house for rent in Kolonnawa, then this city will offer a wide variety of properties at reasonable prices. If we carefully consider this city’s location by examining it on a map, then we can see that this zone is situated right next to the city of Colombo, which is considered as the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. As a result, this zone has turned into a hotspot for residential real estate. 

    Nevertheless, a typical Sri Lankan property hunter who is on the lookout for a Kolonnawa house for sale might discover that this city has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. For example, if someone is looking for a house for sale in Vihara Mawatha Kolonnawa or apartment for sale in Kolonnawa, to settle down here for the long term, might be interested to know that there is a railway station located in the nearby town of Dematagoda, which is less than 2 km away. This railway station offers residents here an affordable mode of transport to travel to faraway cities in Sri Lanka. Among the houses offered on rent in Sri Lanka, Colombo is the most preferred location. However, it is also the most costly, which is why many prefer finding houses and properties for rent/sale in the suburbs, like Kolonnawa.

    Regardless, a property hunter who is on the lookout for houses for sale in Wellampitiya in the town or an investor who is on the lookout for a commercial property be it for sale or for rent should also pay close attention to the numerous and widespread lands for sale in Kolonnawa. These properties might be the most basic type available here, yet are considered highly valuable by most local real estate developers. One of the reasons for this is the level of facilities available in such terrestrial properties. In fact, even those selling the most affordable 10 perch land offer properties with three-phase electricity, pipe born water, a fence or a wall and paved road access, making these some of the best-developed land seen in the Western Province.