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    Houses for Sale in Negombo

    This modernizing Negombo city is located facing the mighty Indian Ocean to the Western Coast of Sri Lanka with it flourishing real estate industry inclusive of a range of properties for sale in Negombo such as a house for sale in Negombo, commercial properties for sale in Negombo and more. The town is a good example of how Sri Lanka’s colonial past can look into the future while retaining its traditional roots. As the largest city in the Gampaha district, the second most populous district in Sri Lanka, this municipality has shown great potential in the last few decades, especially since the end of the country’s civil war. 

    As a coastal city, the fisheries industry has contributed a lot to boost the local economy, with hundreds and thousands relying on this trade as their primary mode of livelihood. They have also settled down in the many affordable or cheap houses for sale on Negombo beach side to ease their day to day living styles. 

    However, businesses in the manufacturing and service industry have taken over in recent times, boosting the value of a Sri Lankan house for sale in the Negombo area and improving the value of housing projects in Negombo. This is also thanks to the country’s main airport, Bandaranaike International Airport that is situated almost adjacent to this municipality. Thus improving the real estate market filled with new houses for sale in Akkarapanaha, Kadirana or Kurana and guest houses for sale in Negombo . 

    However, not only this Negombo town is also surrounded by other towns and cities that are important to the local real estate industry. For example, the city of Ja-Ela, Wattala, Seeduwa and the administrative capital, the city of Gampaha, are located in surrounding regions with a range of properties for sale to choose from and many places of convenience. This intrinsically helps to boost the importance of Negombo houses for sale. Nevertheless, it is well known that Colombo is a highly demanded and densely populated region in the Western Province. 

    As such, the value of properties located to its north, such as land for sale in Negombo, and even old houses for sale in Kattuwa, has seen skyrocketing prices in recent times. Landlords who once offered a house for rent in Negombo for Rs. 15, 000 and annexes for rent in Negombo have now increased their prices. Because of that, many have focused their property search in cities that can offer more affordable options. This can be quite a challenge as a result, when trying to locate a small house for sale in Periyamulla in Negombo. Therefore, always do prior research on the available house for sale in the Negombo town area or get help from a real estate broker and ease your house hunting journey. 

    An affordable 40 perches land, house for sale in Katuwapitiya with a swimming pool located in close proximity to schools churches (such as Maris Stella College) or apartments for sale in Negombo, can be located in minutes drive to supermarkets or a hotel area. 

    This is where the real estate in Negombo city stands out the most. It is a vibrant highly residential area in the western province that offers a wide array of fully furnished luxury houses for sale in Dalupotha, Bolawalana and Kochchikade as well. With a parapet wall or an air conditioned house, a complete house with pantry, kitchen and plenty of floor area, for local property buyers are available to choose from. These may even include popular multi-family luxury house properties with a dining area, attached bathrooms and bedrooms, affordable townhouses and annexes, which offer a lot more value for money for a house for sale in Negombo purchased with a loan.