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    Lands for Sale in Kolonnawa

    Situated right next to the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, the city of Colombo, while being only a few kilometres away from the true administrative capital of the country, the city of Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, is the municipality of Kolonnawa, one of the fastest-growing suburbs of the Colombo District. This region has seen a great amount of change for the past few decades, in terms of the quality of its infrastructure as well as the quality of life of its citizens that has helped it to become a real estate hotspot in the country. As a result, properties for sale in Kolonnawa are now some of the most sort-after properties found in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. 

    Nevertheless, while one of the main selling points for properties available in this zone is the proximity it has to the financial capital of Sri Lanka, there are also other reasons that you should consider before obtaining houses or lands for sale in Kolonnawa. One of such reasons is the level of connectivity that this zone has with the rest of Sri Lanka. The city is located close to a major railway station situated at Dematagoda, which allows citizens here to travel throughout the country. Apart from that, compared to nearby cities such as Wattala or Kelaniya, there is a much bigger diversity seen among the properties for rent in Kolonnawa, particularly residential properties such as houses for rent or sale. This may include single-family/ multi-family homes or even villas and bungalows offered for prospective buyers. 

    However, this is not all, as any prospective property hunter who is on the lookout for one of the properties for sale in Kolonnawa should pay close attention to. The simple land properties that are found in the kolonnawa map and the lands in Kolonnawa are among the most valuable seen in the country’s Western Province. One of the main reasons why these land properties here have become such prized possessions is due to the increasing lack of quality lands within the city of Colombo. This, coupled with the ever-increasing demand for such properties within the commercial capital of Sri Lanka has helped terrestrial properties here to gain a high status among all other property categories. These lands come with features such as pipe-borne water, three-phase electricity, and paved road access, in order to make life a bit easier for you.