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    Rs. 10,000 Per Month

    Annex or Rooms available

    Sea beach Rd , Moratuwa

    Annex හෝ තනි කාමර වශයෙන් ගැහැණු ලමයෙකු සහ සුරතලුන්... more »

    Properties for rent in moratuwa 

    Similar to many other cities around Sri Lanka, Moratuwa also has a large rental market. Properties for rent in Moratuwa such as houses for rent in Moratuwa serve the huge population that lives around this city. For example, there is a wide range such as houses for rent in Rawathawaththa and other popular areas in Moratuwa. Home to a number of industries such as furniture manufacturing, rubber products, handicrafts and fishing, properties in Moratuwa for rent benefit trade. 

    The rental rates vary for the properties. An office space for rent in Moratuwa is available on the Galle Road for Rs. 350,000 per month. This is a 3 story building with lifts and air conditioning. Meanwhile house prices depend on its quality and location. An architect designed a 3 storied new luxury house in Moratuwa - fully furnished, 14 perches, 4100 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, A/C – is available for a monthly rental of Rs. 185,000. A 3 bedroomed apartment for rent in Moratuwa is Rs. 60,000. With air conditioned bedrooms, apartments on rent also provide easy access to the amenities around. It offers a range of facilities expected at a luxury condominium such as a gym, rooftop pool, and garden along with ocean views.

    Annexes for rent in Moratuwa are also popular. Around Galle Road, highly residential areas consist of many properties on lease as annexes. These have bed rooms with built-in wardrobes and other furniture. Annexes suit small families or students. Two or three storey fully completed houses within 100m from Galle Road tend to be pricier because they are in high demand. For larger families used to a more comfortable lifestyle, a house with 4 rooms is ideal. Such a 3 story fully completed house within 100m from Galle Road comes with car parking for 2 vehicles at Rs. 75,000 monthly rental. 50 meters to Galle Road helps commercial locations. There are also plenty of houses for rent in Moratumulla, known as the spot for furniture shops. Rooms for rent within 500 meters to Galle Road bus stop are available at affordable rentals. These are useful for university students or people employed in the area. 

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