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Mount Lavinia:Home of the Golden Mile

Sitting immediately south of Colombo city centre, this town is a middle class and mostly residential suburb. Known throughout the region for having a golden mile of beaches, where tourists flock from far and wide for vacations. It is not only the sandy beaches they come for though, as the nightlife is celebrated just as much. It is one of the most liberal towns in Sri Lanka and hosts annual festivals, making many people feel safe and welcome in the region. The beach is a great meeting point for local community and visitors from afar.

Opportunities: Houses in Mount Lavinia

It is a great time to be searching for real estate in the area, a house in Mount Lavinia can offer a potential buyer a safe investment. The Urban Development Authority has a vision of making Colombo the most attractive city in South Asia, and plans are in place to make more functional open spaces, to increase the standard of living of residents. This urban development is part of a plan to make Colombo a world class city and a global hub.

Whether to Rent or Buy

This is a question that most people will toil with at some stage in their life. Most often when people have rented in many different areas, they eventually fall in love with a locality and want to make it their home. Access to a mortgage and availability of property to buy, will be the key constraints, sometimes it will be a matter of renting until a suitable home comes on sale.In Mount Lavinia properties are on the market to rent such as townhouses and villas.