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    Houses for Rent in Negombo

    Situated in Negombo at a walking distance to the south of its great lagoon, with roughly 30 km to the north of Colombo and a 15 minutes ride to the Bandaranaike International Airport, is one of the most important saline wetlands in Sri Lanka, the Muthurajawela Wetland. The name itself can roughly be translated as the 'field of the King-Pearls'. According to historical accounts, this basin like region was once covered in a vast paddy field spanning dozens of acres from the south of the lagoon to the north of the Kelani River along the western coast of Sri Lanka. During the Portuguese colonial era, a canal was built along this paddy land to support the transportation of spices to the coastal zone. However, due to poor planning, the canal started bringing seawater inland to this field and making it unusable in the process. 

    Through the next few centuries, nature took its course and transformed this region into one of the most biodiversity-rich marshlands in the country, full of some of the rarest wetland flora and fauna on the island. Interestingly enough, the Negombo beach, the town centre and its surrounding regions, especially along the railway station are considered a hotspot when it comes to finding a fully furnished luxury house with a ground floor large living room and a landscape garden. This can include a negombo rent house just 1 km to Negombo town or annex for rent in negombo within the Gampaha real estate market. A negombo guest house here also has quite a demand for it's natural settings making a vacation home even more serene and ideal for relaxing in. In most cities in Sri Lanka, such as Battaramulla or Maharagama, a residential property, such as a luxurious 2 story house with fully tiled rooms kitchen bathroom is usually offered for buying, at a value subject to the facilities available. However if houses for rent in negombo for rs 15000 were to be let out on a with similar facilities on a temporary basis, it is certainly going to be different. 

    Nevertheless, most centrally located houses for rent Negombo can be obtained through house brokers in Negombo city. When you rent a house in Katunayake or go for houses for rent in Negombo or apartments for rent in Negombo, remember that they can support several families. These house for rent in negombo akkarapanaha or house for rent in negombo katuwapitiya can also come with a tiled ground fully completed attached bathroom and a large living and dining area. The houses for sale in Negombo are usually presented with a wide variety of facilities that could even include air conditioned bed room or swimming pools, which are not commonly available features in most Sri Lankan homes. Meanwhile the overall value of a House for Rent Negombo-especially if it is situated in a tourist area close to super markets alongside lands for sale in Negombo-can range between five-figures to six-figures. Depending on the uniqueness of the individual House for Rent in Negombo this offer may vary. Therefore you need to carefully think through the options of buying and renting. You can't really expect to see similar features in a house for rent in negombo periyamulla, house for rent in negombo dalupotha or a house for rent in akurana negombo. If there is a special feature that you are looking for, you will have to make more effort to find the ideal home of your choice to suit your budget. But on the bright side a rent house in negombo sri lanka will always come with amazing views. So whatever that you might have to compromise on will definitely be worthy. After all finding a decent house for rent in negombo town or for sale is no easy task!