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    Houses for Rent in Rajagiriya

    The properties for rent in Rajagiriya is a massive segment. Not only does it have many luxury homes, but furnished fully, brand new houses join the market on a continuous basis too. Similarly apartments for rent in Rajagiriya are quite popular as well. These tend to be even more luxurious and include high quality furniture and modern fittings along with great rooftop views. The rising costs of owning a house has encouraged many people in Sri Lanka to look for a house for rent in Rajagiriya given that this is a very convenient city to live in. A Bava styled house for rent in Nawala Rajagiriya with several indoor gardens and 5 bedrooms goes at Rs. 190,000 per month. While the demand for lands for sale in Rajagiriya comes for commercial reasons a lot. 

    Since this is an active city with many families, there is a huge potential for international schools, hotels, restaurants and a range of other businesses. This increases the price of properties closer to Lake Drive and Rajagiriya junction including a small two bedroom house for rent in Rajagiriya in general. The same pattern occurs for properties such as houses for rent in highly residential areas like Battaramulla and Koswatta as well. 

    There is greater demand for houses with modern fittings and upstairs houses for rent in Borella - 03 bedrooms and 2 bath rooms - available for long term lease, located near famous schools such as Devi Balika School. For families with schooling children, the ideal house for rent in Rajagiriya is near their school, with upstairs for immediate occupation. For professionals, students or a couple an annex for rent in Rajagiriya or room for rent in Rajagiriya could offer the necessary facilities at a lower cost compared to a full house. Some properties include a car park as well.

    For those preferring to live in a highly residential area of Nawala or other parts of Rajagiriya properties are available for rent or lease and the market is open to many people. At some houses for rent in Madinnagoda or annexes in Rajagiriya for lease, no car parking is available. But in an apartment complex with the upper floor available with 04 large bedrooms, br 2 smaller, including a master bedroom and a servant's room there are no car parking issues. 

    In some small houses for rent in Rajagiriya with 5 br, located in a highly wanted area in Rajagiriya allow renting out only the 1st floor or ground floor of this particular house. However, because of this the rent for the upstairs house is likely to be slightly lower. Hence multiple options including guest houses with single rooms for rent in Rajagiriya are available for lease to choose from. Tenants can also consider a house for rent in Kotte, Obesekarapura or Narahenpita as alternatives if they aren’t able to find a good deal here.