• Dikwella
    • 7
    • 3
    • 35 sqft
    • Villa

      Rs. 140,000 Per Month

    blue ocean villa for rent

    • Kananke
    • 5
    • 2
    • 1000 sqft
    • Villa

      Rs. 75,000 Per Month

    2 bed Villa for rent

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    Matara in the Southern province of Sri Lanka is the second largest city in the province and well known for its breathtaking beaches. The town comprises a diversity of individuals from different backgrounds and the architecture of many properties for rent in Matara is heavily influenced by British and Dutch designs. They are among the most favorite places to stay in temporarily and used as inns and villas to attract many tourists and locals. Most families living in houses for rent in Matara send their children to reputed schools in the area or make the most out of the highway facilities by admitting their kids to Colombo schools. Because of the convenience of the highway facilities, the demand for lands for sale in Matara has also increased significantly. This has resulted in many homebuyers and businessmen exploring different options to find properties that fit within their budget and their needs. 

    Among those who have moved out and are living on their own, the rooms for rent in Matara are quite popular. These offer a cheaper housing option and are great places to stay in, in case you have no last-minute hotels to book. These rooms are designed with attached bathrooms and are fully furnished with attached bathrooms as well. Those renting out the property will only have to bear the cost of rent and sometimes utilities bills as well, depending on the landlord's policies. 

    Homes offered on rent in Matara are just as popular as those in Galle. Because of the close vicinity between the two cities, there isn’t much of a difference in terms of infrastructure development and popularity of the town. People are often traveling back and forth between the two cities and the growing popularity of Galle has also influenced Matara, creating an influx of tourists, visitors and permanent residents. Lands in Matara have become highly valuable for the construction of holiday inns and hotels, and there are many developers and businessmen coveting after them.