• Galle
    • 10
    • 5+
    • 5,000 sqft
    • House

      Rs. 45M

    Luxury 6-bedroom House

    • Galle
    • 10
    • 3
    • 3500 sqft
    • House

      Rs. 65M ONO

    House for sale in Galle

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    Houses for Sale in Galle

    This southern municipality Galle can be identified as one of the most favourite locations to live and invest in Sri Lanka. Because of its prominent status, it has also managed to gain an assortment of residential properties, ranging from new houses for sale in Galle fort town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka to houses for rent in Galle. Positioned at the far end of the southwestern coastline, it is also one of the biggest cities by population size. In colonial times, this city along with a few others that included the cities of Colombo, Kandy as well as Jaffna were the most significant trading centres in the island, which helped to support the colonial governments as well as the local population that lived in and around these areas. 

    The living standards in this region might have convinced you to go to a Galle house for sale. It could be a house in Thaiwan Mountain or one of the apartments for sale in Galle, situated in Galle District in Habaraduwa doowa road face into paddy fields and the Koggala Lake. If this is the case, then there are things you should consider before you make a final buying decision. Remember that if you are a buyer looking for a house with a touristic value, then a house for sale in Galle fort with land might offer exactly what you want. Such a high-end property can offer facilities that can include a master bedroom with an attached en suite, fully tiled kitchen and even a swimming pool, allowing you to convert your house into a holiday home in the future. 

    Nevertheless, if you are a middle-class buyer looking for an affordable residential property, then remember to consider the lands for sale in Galle that sometimes come with houses that can offer a high level of value for money. For example, if you want a larger plot and home with more space, such as a 32 perch land 4000 sqft home, then consider the new houses for sale in Galle city close to Talagaha junction or Karapitiya that face towards the Southern Expressway. However, if you prefer to live close to the coast, unlike the houses available to buy in Richmond hill, and ideally within walking distance to the Galle Road, then consider land or home for sale located in Mahamodara area with paved roads extended to Walawwatta road. These properties for sale in Galle will offer both pipe born water and three-phase electricity, to make your purchase a worthwhile buy in the long term. 

    Besides Galle Fort, the houses for sale in Labuduwa, Hapugala and Pinnaduwa are other areas people consider when finding properties. Many people are also interested in investing in a villa for sale in Galle or a bungalow for sale in Galle which they use to attract tourists. These are similar to any other commercial property for sale in Galle but are still different from the typical shop or store you expect. Nonetheless, whether it is for residential or commercial purposes, to find the right property, one must do enough research on the market to get the best deals.