Apartments for Sale in Galle (17 properties)

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Apartments for Sale in Galle

Without a doubt, the district of Galle in southern Sri Lanka can be designated as one of the leading regions in the country for technology as well as financial advancements. As a result, today this region has a wide variety of properties, ranging from houses for sale to apartments for rent in Galle. The high-paced developments achieved by this zone has its roots within the colonial era of the island, where this area acted as a key hub for trading activities that were carried out throughout the country. The highest majority of these trading activities consisted of the dealing of economic crops that were planted in further inland areas. Such plantations included the famous Cinnamon estates as well as the highly lucrative business of planting and trading of lowland tea that was transported into this zone. 

Due to the excellent economic background of this region, has inevitably resulted in the formation of a diverse variety of residential properties with the assortment of houses for sale in Galle as well as the apartments for sale in Galle dominating the landscape. From such properties, one of the most interesting categories of residential properties is the Condominiums with en suite facilities, offered mostly for buying at a predefined price. The majority of such high-end properties in this district are found in and around the Galle Fort, which is also the only cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. However, the areas surrounding Ambalangoda, Bentota, Hikkaduwa, should also be noted for the array of high valued antique homes that are offered for buying as well as rent, for both local and international customers. 

Nevertheless, if you are a local or foreign buyer who is on the lookout for a top-grade residential property from here, perhaps one that offers everything from an attached bathroom to a private beach, you might want to first start with the entry-level lands for sale in Galle found in and around the Galle city. Offered for a more affordable price at the moment, the value of these properties are also experiencing exponential growth, making them an excellent investment for the future. Regardless, in general, these properties can be denoted as full of amenities. Such facilities could include features such as alarm systems, swimming pools, air conditioning as well as secure parking, offered for the sole benefit of its occupants.