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    Properties for Sale in Kiribathgoda

    Kiribathgoda city is situated 12 km away from Colombo Fort. From among the many properties for sale in Sri Lanka, there are a variety of properties for sale in Kiribathgoda. Lands for sale in Kiribathgoda in highly residential areas are bought to build luxury houses. A number of facilities are found in close proximity. Among properties in Kiribathgoda for sale, commercial property for restaurants and retail outlets are very popular. A land for sale in Dalugama is available close to Kandy Road, 20 meters to the nearest bus stop at Rs. 20 million. A villa type luxury bungalow near Kiribathgoda town is for sale at Rs. 175 million. This is a 3 storied house with modern features such as a swimming pool, gym, laundry room, elevator and a well-maintained garden. It has 4 bed rooms and 4 bathrooms with hot water facility. This spacious luxury house occupies 82 perches of land. Meanwhile, a 15 perch land has a two storied house for sale near Delgoda main road and Kiribathgoda town within a distance of 100 meters.

    Houses for sale in Kiribathgoda range from simple, private homes to architect designed, luxury two storied houses. These are in Kiribathgoda city, calm environments, and houses in very close proximity to supermarkets, banks and shopping malls. A house for sale in Kiribathgoda town, Sri Sudharmarama Road is on the market for Rs. 30 million. It has more than 5 bedrooms and a separate entrance for the upper floor. This allows the portion to be leased out too, turning this house situated in Sri Sudharmarama Road an ideal rental property too. Situated 400 meters from the Colombo-Kandy road, 20 meters to Makola road and within easy access to shopping malls and supermarkets, a house worth Rs. 120 million is for sale. Located in Kiribathgoda, 400 meters to Makola Road is a type of property buyers consider as an investment. 400m to Makoka Road allows residents to reach all the surrounding amenities quickly.

    Vertical living is preferred in many cities in Sri Lanka. Apartments for sale in Kiribathgoda provide multiple benefits to property buyers. One of the properties for sale at Kiribathgoda is currently a hotel. It has 24 semi luxury rooms and a swimming pool. The price for this property is Rs. 175 million and serves business interests. Meanwhile, residential properties such as a 3 storied house near Makola Road, 900 meters to Kiribathgoda city are for sale at Rs. 22 million. This property, within 900m to Kiribathgoda town, offers a peaceful environment as well as quick access to banks, schools and supermarkets in a matter of a few minutes. To help with the funding of expensive property, certain property owners allow payments to be paid at a later date, such as the 2 storied house for sale in Fatima Road. The initial reservation payment can be followed by the balance settlement in January 2020, luxury at convenience made true. The commercial property for sale in Kiribathgoda is also famous among many businessmen for its ideal location, resulting in a consistent demand for real estate.