Lands for Sale in Kiribathgoda (19 properties)


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    Lands for Sale in Kiribathgoda

    Belonging to the Gampaha district lands for sale in Kiribathgoda is the perfect investment either to build a dream house or for commercial purposes. This fast growing city in Sri Lanka offers plenty of advantages for real estate owners, making Kiribathgoda town one of the most sought after region for valuable land. Land plots close to Kiribathgoda in highly residential areas provide the right conditions to set a private home. 

    Land for sale closer to the shopping centres and main roadways serve business interests and the convenience makes a shop or office building gain better recognition. Properties for sale in Kiribathgoda are found as luxury houses for sale in Kiribathgoda with land too. These newly designed houses provide all the comforts buyers are looking for. Most of these are within walking distance to the nearest bus stop or supermarket, which are essential facilities.

    Many factors determine the prices of lands in Kiribathgoda. A 20.9 perch land is for sale in Kiribathgoda between Colombo-Kandy highway and New Hunupitiya Road for Rs. 1 million per perch. It offers easy access to all four expressways from E01-E04 according to the kiribathgoda map

    This is a beautiful land with a great opportunity to construct either a luxury home or a commercial property for sale in Kiribathgoda. Meanwhile, a 38 perches, square land for sale in Kiribathgoda comes at Rs. 2 million per perch. Although the property includes an old house, it is sold only at land value. Its highlight is its location. Situated only 2 blocks behind the Colombo-Kandy main road, the land is highly worthwhile. The real estate opportunities attract many property developers to this area, including Prime Lands in Kiribathgoda.

    The large population and the number of business opportunities that exist here create a great demand for rental properties. University of Kelaniya and other reputed schools are within close proximity hence properties for rent in Kiribathgoda is also an important market. This includes rooms, annexes, apartments and houses. However, lands are considered as a long-term investment. 

    A two story house built beautifully on land of 76 perches is on the market for Rs. 150 million. A buyer looking out for the ideal land, plotting to build a commercial development needs to consider the suitability of the surroundings to run a business. Meanwhile, those who want to settle down here has to look out for the amenities that are required on a daily basis.

    A thorough research of the area and a search on land for sale Kiribathgoda Kingswood park, Kelaniya or Makola can help buyers to make the right decision. It also helps them broaden their search to find properties in nearby areas within their budget. Because of this reason when people search for listings online and are unable to find those in their desired location they tend to look for land for sale in Dalugama, Mahara and Wattala that are in the vicinity of this town.