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    Land for sale in kadawatha 

    Since Sri Lanka has witnessed a real estate boom, land value around Colombo suburbs has shot upwards. Kawadatha in the Western province, with the postal code of 11850 is a place that has grown in popularity over the years. Land for sale in Kadawatha has become the perfect investment among first-time homebuyers, investors and businessmen and is ideally located within a perfect distance from Kadawatha to Colombo. Since you can travel to this city through the Colombo-Kandy Road, it is quite popular both for residential and commercial purposes. The Kandy highway is a proposed road project, which can affect the value of particular land for sale in Sri Lanka including the lands in Kadawatha due to its proximity. 

    Properties for sale in Kadawatha can be used to build a house or to establish a factory. The nature of the land can also play a part in its uses. A bare land of 10 perches, located 2 km to Kadawatha town and highway entrance and within 3 km distance to Ragama town will be available for around Rs. 700,000 per perch. Land for sale in areas like Ganemulla and Kirillawala are great places to invest in as well. This town is known as a base for multiple industries. The large areas available in the Kadawatha map are ideal to build factories. Hence businesses also prefer to buy land for sale in Kadawatha and Biyagama towns where bus and railway networks are available close by too. Land for sale in Eldeniya and land for sale in Mahara Kadawatha also serve residential purposes. 

    Kadawatha has been rising in popularity among Sri Lankan lands as this city is surrounded by other important suburbs with land for sale in Ragama, Kiribathgoda and Biyagama. This city is witnessing a great deal of infrastructure development. Since Colombo is less than 30 minutes’ drive away from here, it also makes Kadawatha an ideal place to live. Even properties for rent in Kadawatha have a great deal of demand, especially from the housing market. People can also consider purchasing land for sale in Gonahena, that is just as suitable fo