Land with house
    • Kelaniya
    • 9
    • 26 P 
    • Land with house

      Rs. 1.3M Per Perch

    Land For Sale in Kelaniya

    Bare Land
    • Kelaniya
    • 4
    • 20 P 
    • Bare Land

      Rs. 800,000 Per Perch

    Land for Sale in Kelaniya

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    Lands for Sale in Kelaniya

    Kelaniya, located along the banks of the Kelani River and in the Gampaha district, is one of the most well-known highly residential areas found in Sri Lanka. While it’s true beginnings are unknown, the city is said to be at least 2600 years’ old, making it one of the oldest inhabited settlements. The single most important thing that makes this region famous is the ancient Temple, a place that is filled with a lot of myths and legends. As a result, the local real estate industry has seen a boom, with properties for sale in Kelaniya that includes lands for sale in Kelaniya area as well as residential properties for rent in Kelaniya becoming some of the most sort-after real estate assets seen anywhere on the island. 

    If you are a property hunter who is thinking of obtaining one of the properties for sale or properties for rent in Kelaniya, be it a house or a Kelaniya land for sale, then remember to consider the below facts before making a final decision. Let's assume that you are a buyer who is currently looking for 5 mins to highways rectangular land great for building a house. If so, then consider buying a size 15 20 feet wide bare land for sale in Wanawasala area that might offer you exactly the type of property you want. On the other hand, you might be looking /for a unique Waragoda Estate Kelaniya 93 perch land in Kelaniya, a large property that is suitable for an industrial purpose. In this case, consider going for land for sale in Waragoda Kelaniya road that is located close to the Thorana Junction for the best opportunities. 

    Many people also consider purchasing land for sale in Wattala, Kadawatha and Makola areas as an alterative when they aren’t able to find a good deal for their budget. As a result, the popularity of Kelaniya lands have manage to influence surrounding areas as well. A house for sale in Kelaniya along with the apartments for sale in Kelaniya have also experienced a similar trend in demand. This has motivated businessmen to invest in a commercial property for sale in Kelaniya to capture the booming population of buyers in the area.

    Nonetheless, when looking at a Kelaniya map you will realise that this zone has a much higher diversity of properties compared to most other parts of Sri Lanka. As such, if you are looking for a more obscure type of property, such as a flat natural solid ground square shape bare land for sale in Kelaniya that is located in close proximity to the Kandy road 600 metres from Pattiya junction, then you’ll be able to find such property without having to spend too much energy. In this case, remember to go for a property located in Station Road to discover what you want. It might also be that you are looking for bare land for sale, a 150p prime property facing the Kandy road. If so, then expand your search to include all the valuable land for sale in Peliyagoda, Kiribathgoda or Dalugama and Gonawala in Kelaniya to discover your ideal property.