Properties for Sale in Kadawatha (74 properties)

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    Properties for Sale in Kadawatha

    Kandy road is quite famous in Sri Lanka. It passes important suburbs such as Kadawatha town, which is located in the Colombo-Kandy route. It is only 16km away from Colombo and can be reached within a 30 minutes drive. The number of road developments taking place in this region helps to boost the value of properties in Kadawatha for sale. Massive properties including luxury houses and villas are available for sale in Kadawatha. The price of houses for sale in Kadawatha varies greatly. A two story house with 5 bed rooms and 2 attached bathrooms comes for about Rs. 11.5 million. This is close to the Ragama road. At the same time, a 5 bedroomed newly designed house for sale located 2km from the highway entrance is offered for Rs. 35 million. This is on a 20 perches land.

    In terms of properties for sale, Kadawatha offers both small and large houses. Although apartments for sale in Kadawatha is still a new market, those who like to rent out one portion of a large house can choose a multi-story house. These are available in high residential areas with a large car park and gardens. Since the upstairs has a separate entrance, it can be rented out to another tenant. This works well for houses built with a kitchen, pantry and living rooms on each floor. Two families can comfortably occupy each floor like in an apartment complex. This idea also benefits businesses. Properties located closer to the Kadawatha highway or on the main road can be used for commercial reasons. Mahara Kadawatha is also another well-known locality.

    To make your living experience sweet, houses with beautiful designs, luxury detailing and wide gardens are offered for sale here. Enjoy peace and quiet in areas around Kadawatha, high on the list of best places to live. A house and lands for sale in Kadawatha generally covers a large area. Such properties are useful to rebuild or renovate. This town has supermarkets, schools and shopping centres. It's also an important location for manufacturing plants. With better road developments coming into shape around this city, the town is witnessing slow but sure growth. Since this town is also known as nature friendly, it is a pleasant place to live. With easy transport access and modern amenities close at hand, Kadawatha has a promising real estate market.